15+ Amazing Outdoor Spaces Ideas & Inspirations

So you’ve sorted the inside of your house. You’ve spent a stupid amount of money at Ikea and even more at places where the furniture comes pre-assembled and you’re ready to enjoy all those hours spent traipsing around looking at lamps and doorknobs. But wait, what about the outside?

Every man of style should have an accompanying garden or outdoor space that reflects his taste for the finer things in life. You don’t want to entertain amongst knee-length grass sitting on crates next to the barbie. Take some much needed inspiration from our galley of 15+ amazing outdoor spaces and get yourself to Bunnings, or at least give your landscaper a call.

Or you can just check out these tips from hospitality, interiors and styling expert Belinda Cendron of Sourceress.

  • Consider the purpose of the space. Before you plonk a council clean-up chair and wine barrel table and proudly exclaim “et voila” …. let’s think about this a little more. Is it a dining area, a casual drinks lounge or a sunny spot by the pool? Dress it accordingly.
  • Consider lighting. No one likes playing hide and seek with the spider and his web. Plug-in outdoor fairy lights (not of the multicolour variety please) can be turn your outdoors into an oasis. Simple professionally mounted wall lights or electric candles can also work a treat.
  • If landscaping not an option, potted plants are the way forward for you. The trick is really great plants. Spend on scale. You can go all design with the pots if you must, but I would focus on a few large succulents or fragrant trees (think potted jasmine or magnolia) in a simple concrete or other natural material pot. No black or white glazed pots, boys. Just no.
  • If your “yard” consists of a concrete slab, or even worse, a tiled situation, cover that up with an outdoor rug.  Great for coverage, a sense of space and softer underfoot.
  • Always a doormat at the door. This is 100% the best preventative to dragging dirt and muck through the house and avoid scratching up your newly waxed hardwood floors. This is one time you don’t want to “bring the outdoors in”
  • Final thought, many side tables can double as extra stools when party starts, and when not in use, pop a plant on it.