Test Your Fitness Against This Gruelling America’s Cup Training Program

You're a beast on land, but are you a beast at sea?

Crossfit, barbell squads, broga…whatever fitness fad you want to call it, fitness training for the America’s Cup can match it – and possibly beat it.

As the world’s most glamorous boat race to captivate audiences on a global scale, Emirates Team New Zealand has long been the frontrunner to beat amongst equally-talented teams from Great Britain, Japan and Sweden.

Outside of the race though the sailors and crew members face a different kind of contest – a gruelling test of their will and their bodies.

Think you can outperform a crew member of the America’s Cup?

Try your fitness against Emirates Team New Zealand’s cycle test below. It’s about endurance as much as it is about strength and flexibility.

Warm Up

15 minutes

  • 5 minutes easy aerobic cycling
  • 4 x 30 seconds increments/30 seconds recovery cycling
  • 2 minutes easy aerobic cycling
  • 4 x 10 second burst increments/20 seconds recovery cycling
  • 2 minutes easy aerobic cycling
  • Prepare test functions into watt bike (can be done on any stationary bike)

Start Test

12 minute test

  • 24 efforts
  • 20 second efforts
  • 10 seconds required to stop pedalling
  • Graded by average power output (Watts) over all efforts


  • Maintain a low aero position
  • Keep your butt on the seat during the whole test
  • Must stop cycling during recovery 10 seconds.

Cool Down

  • 15 – 20min light aerobic cycling with a good stretch after

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