Angela White Shares Her #1 Piece Of Sex Advice For Men

"Good sex starts with communication."

Angela White Shares Her #1 Piece Of Sex Advice For Men

Angela White, Australia’s best-known porn actress, has shared with DMARGE her number-one piece of sex advice for men.

Angela White, the legendary Australian porn star known as the ‘Meryl Streep of porn,’ recently sat down with DMARGE for a chat about sex, life and porn. During the chat, she shared her #1 piece of sex advice for men – communication.

WATCH: Angela White reveals her number one piece of sex advice for men

“Good sex starts with communication,” she said. “Being able to clearly communicate with your partner about what you want and ask questions during sex. So, ‘do you like this, does that feel good, should I go faster, should I go softer?’ – really being present with your partner and listening, I think that’s the most important thing.”

“I think too many men just focus on the size of their dick and not actually the person in front of them.”

Angela White

“I think everyone’s going to be different when it comes to what’s too much talk or what’s just the right amount of talk, but again that comes down to communication.”

Angela also shared her favourite books and movies. She recommended Laura Kipnis’ Against Love, A Polemic as her favourite book and said Gaspar Noé’s Love was her favourite movie.

Finally, Angela spoke to DMARGE a little about how the porn industry has changed over the last 10 years. She said, “the fact that now everyone’s now their own independent content creator means that if anyone does come onto set they really, really want to be there, because likely they can make more money doing a scene on OnlyFans.”

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