Anthony Bourdain Says This Common Kitchen Tool Is A Waste Of Money

knife sets

knife setsAcquiring all the essentials an adult man needs in his kitchen isn’t cheap. The best tools from the biggest names are investments, but if you’ve dropped your hard-earned on this kitchen staple, Anthony Bourdain says you’ve been bamboozled.

The outspoken chef doesn’t mince words when it comes to the scourge of knife sets. He writes:

“No con foisted on the general public is so atrocious, so wrongheaded, or so widely believed as the one that tells you you need a full set of specialized cutlery in various sizes. I wish sometimes I could go through the kitchens of amateur cooks everywhere just throwing knives out from their drawers — all those medium-size ‘utility’ knives, those useless serrated things you see advertised on TV, all that hard-to-sharpen stainless steel garbage, those ineptly designed slicers — not one of the damn things could cut a tomato.”

So what do you need? Bourdain is adamant that there’s only one knife you can’t do without: a quality chefs knife, “as large as is comfortable for your hand.” Use the narrow tip for small tasks and the thick area near the heel for bigger ones. If you must expand your collection, add a boning knife to fillet fish, a paring knife for delicate duties, and a basic serrated blade. Anything beyond that is just a tool for collecting dust.

[Via Business Insider]