A$AP Rocky Is The Best Dressed Man In Music; Get His Unique Style With These Fifty Killer Looks

Dress like a fashion killa

Enigmatic hip-hop artist ASAP Rocky has come a long way since his younger days. Spent moving between homeless shelters and selling crack cocaine in the Bronx, Rakim Mayers seemingly had the odds stacked against him during his formative years.

Fate, however, was not going to allow him to fall wayward and he began to take rapping more seriously after his brother’s death. By 2007 Mayers joined the Harlem-based A$AP Mob, a collective of rappers who shared the same interests in music, fashion, style, and art.

Since then Mayers has received an accolade of awards for his solo work and continues to change the landscape of modern hip hop.

And his style? That’s what we’re here to talk about. Often seen floating around fashion shows, Mayers is no stranger to winning looks. Today he runs his own clothing label and has collaborated with designers like Raf Simons.

It’s due time we showed you how to get ASAP Rocky’s style.

Breaking It Down

ASAP Rocky is not an easy man to put your finger on when it comes to style. Often unpredictable, his style is known to be original, complex and multi-layered to achieve both an eccentric and clean look. One could even argue that he has defined the look of the modern hip-hop artists.

With that said, Rocky’s favourite pieces range from slick varsity jackets to linen suits to finely cut designer coats. Each look is unique and each look is worn perfectly by the man no matter what season it is. The most obviously lacking garment you’ll find on Mayers wardrobe is baggy clothing. It’s a rather tired and ’90s hip-hop look which he tends to avoid.

Become A Suit Shifter

A$AP and conventional suits are a dime a dozen. There are certainly elements of it there but Mayers takes pride in modifying the look to his own tastes. As such, you’ll find A$AP at formal events rocking a black suit sans tie, with badges and other accessories adorning the lapel. It’s not conventional but for an artist of Mayer’s calibre, it simply works and looks fresh without being gaudy.

Moving down the suit ladder you’ll also find him rocking pieces like double-breasted linen suits, offset by a scoop neck white tee and an intricately patterned scarf. This drags Miami Vice out of the ’80s and straight into the present day and is a winning look for the rap star.

Moving along we have the black and white ensemble which comes in the form of a three-piece featuring a blazer coat, a matching black vest and super skinny chinos in black. Topped off with black dress shoes with contrast colour soles and you have a winner on your hands.

Head on over to Dior to score yourself an ASAP Rocky approved suit.

Master The Art Of Wearing White

Off duty ASAP Rocky is all about the clean streetwear and whiteout look favoured by many hip-hop artists. For Mayers, longline shirts with grandad collars paired with white sneakers, white suits paired with black shirts and athleisure gear decked out in white is the go-to look.

It’s not easy to pull off as an everyday look due to the upkeep required but it works to keep you well ahead of the competition in the style stakes. Venture here if you have the balls. And a very talented dry cleaner.

Invest In Coats For Every Season

Mayers uses the traditional coat as his playground, often implementing many elaborate and bold styles into his look. Clean styling is a requisite to ensure these pieces are done justice and Mayers pulls this off with ease.

Keep the undergarments here neutral and the coats will pop as intended. To give the look more depth during the colder months, add a blazer under the coat. It’s an easy Winter win anyone can pull off. Slim-fit pants? mandatory.

Hit up Todd Snyder or Burberry for some big coat energy.

Become A Leather Jacket Specialist

The classic leather look doesn’t escape ASAP Rocky either. This is his edgier look and is often complemented with monochrome hues such as black and white. The key here is to keep it consistent and simple.

Black boots in leather or suede must go with black slim-fit denim. White dress shirts or tees must accompany the style of the black leather jacket.

To give the look a bit more attitude, don’t be afraid to do what Mayers has done here by adding men’s jewellery such as gold chains. A hip-hop star who can pull off the seasoned rock star? Now you’re talking.

When it comes to leather jackets, you can’t beat Saint Laurent.

Embrace Big Colours

Not all heroes wear capes but most of them wear colour. A$AP Rocky is one such hero. Never afraid to mix monochrome with big colour, he’s become the master of wearing bold hues. Whether it’s prints or block colours, you want to invest in key items that really pop. Bright coats, shirts and sweatshirts are paired with denim (white or black).

Where To Shop

If you want to scoop some of A$AP Rocky’s best looks head over to SSENSE, Farfetch or END to get your luxury and streetwear fix.

Scroll on for 50 of A$AP Rockey’s best fits.