Aussie Legend Margot Robbie Loves A Beer Shower After A Long Day

The Queen of Australia.

Aussie Legend Margot Robbie Loves A Beer Shower After A Long Day

In a bumper news day for blokes around the world, Margot Robbie – the Aussie star of Oscar-nominated Babylon and longtime favourite The Wolf Of Wall Street – has revealed a hoppy habit she likes to indulge in at the end of a long day on set… but it might not quite be everything you imagine.

Hollywood A-lister and proud Australian Margot Robbie has revealed a relaxing habit she likes to partake in after a long day on set or at rehearsal.

Known for a number of wide-ranging and high-profile roles, including Sharon Tate in Once Upon A Time In Hollywood, the maniac Harley Quinn in Suicide Squad, and the inimitable Naomi Lapaglia in The Wolf of Wall Street, it’s unsurprising that the Academy Award-nominated actress is looking for ways to unwind with such a busy schedule.

Her chosen method of relaxation, however, could inspire confusion and excitation in equal measure. Though many a reader may have unthinkingly found the image of the Hollywood pin-up dousing herself in bottle upon bottle of VB coming to mind after catching our headline, this is (sadly) not quite reality.

margot robbie and leonardo di caprio in wolf of wall street
Robbie, here co-starring in The Wolf of Wall Street, looks as if she could use a cold one. Image: Universal Pictures

However, it’s not actually that far from the truth. After receiving the golden nugget of advice from a member of the costume department on one of Robbie’s recent films – who told the film star that her favourite way to relax was by drinking an ice-cold beer in the shower – the actress was quick to take up the habit.

Speaking to Harper’s Bazaar, Robbie said her reaction to her colleague went as follows: “I was like, ‘That sounds perfect!’ So now when I get home from work, I have a beer shower or a beer bath if I have time”.

The shower beer is an underrated and hallowed institution – if you’ve never tried it, you’re missing out. But it turns out actually showering with beer is also a thing.

Though said to aid with stress reduction and improve quality of sleep, bathing or showering in the beer itself is actually reported to have a number of health and beauty benefits over simply sipping on a cold one whilst you shower in good old-fashioned water.

Actress Bella Thorne has claimed to be a fan of the practice, for the purpose of adding extra shine to her hair. After posting an Instagram video of her washing her hair with beer, she replied to shocked commentators:

“For everyone harassing, yes it’s beer […] It naturally lightens your hair and people say it’s good for u. For my next film, my hair has to be honey blonde, saving me a trip to the salon.”

Bathing in beer is apparently overflowing with health benefits. Image: Getty

Disclaimer: some hair stylists believe that washing your hair with beer can actually damage your hair, making it brittle. If you or your resident ladyfriend try it out, let us know how it goes…

Some health experts have also touted the supposed health benefits of a beer bath. Hops are naturally loaded with antioxidants and alpha acids which, apparently, can help to soothe muscles and even have an inflammatory effect on the skin, helping to decrease the surface of blood vessels.

Moreover, early-stage-fermentation beer is even used in spa baths to help tighten and soften hair follicles, while brewer’s yeast is a near unbeatable source of vitamin B while being rich in protein potassium, iron, zinc, and magnesium.

I’m sure very few of our readers needed an excuse to mull on beer, Margot Robbie, and the many upsides of both. But, if you’ve never been brave enough to crack open a cold one whilst taking a shower, consider this our blessing.