Australia's Relationship With Coffee Summed Up In One Photo

"The best things in life are free...and $5.50."

Image: Getty

Humans are complicated. If we’re not liking our partner’s crush’s photos on Instagram we’re Instagramming waterfalls thinking it will bring us closer with nature, or posing with floating breakfasts thinking we look cool (but actually looking like an elderly man with a zimmer frame).

We also, particularly Down Under, have a spanking relationship with coffee. Namely: we like to punish ourselves with it. In fact, if it doesn’t burn a hole in your wallet, we are liable to wander down the road in search of more expensive Java (this author is anyway).

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Epitomising this is a photo DMARGE recently stumbled across, posted to Instagram by @zander_williment 239 weeks ago. The image shows off South Avalon’s clifftop car park – and Australia’s masochistic attitude to coffee – very well indeed.

Given the Covid-inspired free camping movement currently sweeping Australia, as well as the ongoing domestic travel (and boutique coffee) booms we’ve been seeing of late, we reckon the Sydney-based creative and copywriter’s caption to the above photo has never been more relevant.

“The best things in life are free…and $5.50.”

If that’s not true; please explain the rampant success of Australian cafes everywhere from Barcelona to Bundoran (and the trend of Aussies paying for ‘reserve’ coffees made with frozen beans, costing up to $25 a pop)…

We rest our case…

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