Cool Australian Furniture Brands To Spruce & Impress At Home

Furniture is an absolute deal-breaker for any room in your home. Mismatch it to the colour scheme or the shape of the room and you’ll end have a house that you may as well demolish, only to start from scratch. The items you furnish your home with can also, potentially, stay with you for a lifetime, so investing in pieces that are going to see you through to the end is paramount every time you go shopping.

So rather than head to everyone’s favourite flatpack furniture paradise, next time you’re redecorating or looking for that last piece to put in your living room, think about buying something of genuine value. Better yet, think closer to home and invest in Australian furniture.

Buying from an independent furniture retailer will usually guarantee you or items that are handcrafted and made from solid materials, especially in the case of wooden furniture. You may have to pay for the premium, but you’ll reap the rewards in no time at all.

But just which Australian furniture brands should you be looking out for? Wonder no longer, as we’ve done the hard work for you and put together this definitive guide of the brands you should be adding to your shopping list.

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