Australia Is About To Get Its First 'Capsule Hotel'

Remember Bar Century? It was that sticky-floored dive bar on George St that was practically giving away $4 beers to fresh-faced 18-year-old binge drinkers. Well, it closed earlier this year to make room for Australia’s first ever Capsule Hotel.

Spanning over three floors and including a bar, lounge area and electronic gaming room, “The Capsule Hotel” might sound like every other tradie pub in the city but with one major difference. Instead of lush hotel rooms and suites, The Capsule Hotel will offer (as the name suggests) 2 x 1.5 metre modular boxes reminiscent of those popular with Japanese businessmen in Tokyo’s Shinjuku nightlife district.

Aimed at solo backpackers, instead of sleazy backpackers and students, The Capsule Hotel is pitched at guests who are perhaps a little too old to stay in a backpackers lodge and want “the comfort of a design hotel without the price tag.”

Giant Design is the firm responsible for the fit-out of The Capsule Hotel, set to open mid-November, which will externally retain its “vintage look and feel, somewhat reminiscent of Soho House in London and New York” but inside will feature capsules ranging between $35 and $50 in price.

It’s hardly a romantic night away but beats paying the Uber fare when you’ve had a big one.