Ruthless Video Confirms Your Worst Fears About Baggage Handlers

WWE style...

Ruthless Video Confirms Your Worst Fears About Baggage Handlers

You should never take stereotypes too seriously (or allow your worst fears to ever be confirmed by a random Internet video)… But a pretty brutal clip has come out, showing how your baggage sometimes gets treated like it’s part of a wrestling competition, when an airline’s baggage handlers are well and truly sick of (handling) your sh*t…

They aren’t all like this (and, as many people have pointed out, it might be the airline’s fault), but still: a ruthless American Airlines baggage handler video has left the internet wincing. The video, posted by Instagram account @gateaccess, shows bags and suitcases rolling off a conveyor belt, only for some of them to be slammed to the ground by a baggage handler, almost WWE style. He then picks up another bag, and walks it over to a colleague, who has another pile of bags and suitcases at their disposal and drops it quite recklessly on the ground.

The clip split the internet. Some social media users were pretty blasé about it all, claiming that’s what they expected (and saying that’s why they never put delicate possessions in their hold bag). Others were infuriated, one even going as far as to say “hope he got fired.”

Watch A Baggage Handler Go ‘WWE’ On A Piece Of Luggage…

One chill comment was: “I honestly don’t expect any airline to handle my luggage with the utmost care. They deal with thousands of luggage a day. They aren’t going to gently place it on the ground. That’s why I make sure my checked luggage isn’t super expensive and my valuables are in my carry on.”

“This is why I don’t understand designer luggage.”

Another said: “I’d do the same thing too. I’m not breaking my back for millions of pieces of luggage. Pack your valuables on your carry on and keep it moving.”

“Poor guys is probably exhausted and underpaid in the hot sun I would focus my anger at the airline.”

Not everyone was so understanding. Another commenter wrote: “I’m a ramp agent for American. The way all of them are working is counter productive, wasting energy and putting them at a higher risk for injuries. Why pick a bag up drop it only to pick it up again and then drop it again???? Just roll it, it has wheels!! There are so many mistakes and carelessness in this video I could go on and on about. It really annoys me because it’s just completely stupid to work like this. Smh.”

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Another sample of negative comments included: “What in the no care is going on HERE!!!???” and “THIS is exactly why I’m team carry on from now on.”

Another social media user, who arguably had the most balanced take of the lot, wrote: “Not expexted him to gently put those luggage, but atleast dont throw them on purpose…”

We couldn’t agree more.

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