The Most Essential & Practical Hairstyles For Balding Men

Receding hair doesn't need to be a losing battle.

Every man will be faced with this time sooner or later in life. It’s known as the phase of the receding hairline, a path towards male pattern baldness which often renders men broken and at the mercy of follically-challenged hairstyles.

Life doesn’t need to suck without a decent head of hair though. As well as tracking down this season’s most practical short hairstyles for men on the thin, we’ve hit up Renée Baltov who is the owner of two of Sydney’s finest men’s barbershops, Barberhood.

Check out the gallery of the hairstyles above and then have a peruse through our tips you should follow if your hairline is on the way out.

According to the crew at Barberhood, the most popular short hairstyle for men with receding hair at the moment is the Clipper Cut. A lot of this comes down to its simplicity and how well it looks to mask a man’s thinning hair.

The Clipper Cut is a modern classic and timeless look which takes a clean approach to the back and sides via some handy clipper work. Shorter layers are then cut from the top allowing for a seamless blend. To finish off the look, the neckline and side burns are finished with a fine trimmer.

Baltov however warns that men should refrain from doing it themselves as they can often leave it unfinished with dodgy side burns and a neckline. To pull off the clipper cut properly, the hair needs to be razored for that sharper look.

“Even if you’re balding on top, a short back and sides can still work really well in keeping a really great style at the front – so it draws attention to the front instead of the back,” says Baltov of another popular cut.

The High Fade cut is similar to a stylish military cut where men can have it really short on the sides and longer on the top.

Baltov adds that if you’re a man with thinning curls, keep it long and moppy as the messy look can help cover balding. Product is however mandatory to hold it all in place so that you don’t like you’ve just woken up from a ten year coma.

How To Maintain Receding Hair

It may be near impossible to pull off a decent coiffe with a bald patch forming on the head but there are tricks around it. If there’s a long section of hair growing at the top and you’re not receding in the back, shave the bald patch at the back. “Climbing that up with height can work,” says Baltov.

I think keeping it short and give it a messy look. Not really styled into place can work really well too because it keeps the distraction ahead.”

Baltov also says that a gradual fade hairstyle is also possible. To pull this off, ask a skilled barber to fade the back of your hair whilst keeping the style short on top. It’s a lot harder to do but most skilled barbers can pull it off these days.  

Given that most men go in for their regular cut every four weeks, those with less hair can get away with stretching that to five or six weeks. The problem however is that the hair in your ears, eyebrows and neckline unfortunately don’t thin like your head’s, so it’s a good idea to keep a track of this unless you want to look like a metro-sexual pirate. 

Essential Products To Consider

Products are your best friend at this stage of your hair’s life cycle. Boost Style or Boost Powder is highly recommended for adding volume to a man’s thinning hair.

The product which usually goes by unknown by men is available at most good barbershops and it’s in a powder form rather than a paste. This ensures easy washing in the shower with little residue left behind. Baltov says that this product is especially good for lighter or blonde thinning hair.

If you’ve got long thinning hair, and you’ve got curls, continue to keep it long. If you can grow what you’ve got and keep it moppy. Messy can get away with covering balding. With that type of haircut you need product in it to keep it that way, to hold it in place otherwise you can look really bad.

Colour To Cover Baldness

Do not go here. Baltov tells us that it’s best to stick to your natural hair colour when you’re losing hair as dying is a catch 22 if not done professionally.

“Say you’re blonde and you dye it dark, it’s only going to highlight the areas you don’t have hair. It’s actually going to do the opposite.”

“You can probably do it a shade lighter. It would still make you have hair but it wouldn’t be as noticeable.”

The only issue here is the frequency at which you’d have to reapply colour which isn’t very efficient if you have to cut your hair every four weeks. In other words, it might not be worth it.

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