These Are New York’s Most Reputable Barbershops

Reputation goes a long way in the Big Apple's grooming game.

Barbershops New York

Every man needs a go-to place where he can relax into an exceptional grooming session. A place rooted in the tradition of masculine pampering, gentleman’s camaraderie, and a solid glass of scotch to whisky away the stress of the day.

We’ve come to New York on a mission to find the best of the best. The coolest barber shops man can find where he can take refuge amongst his pampered brethren. From hip, Brooklyn shopkeeps to classic white coat lads, here’s the coolest barber shops in New York and why you’ll want to get a cut there next time you’re in town.

Harrys Corner Shop

After Warby Parker founder Jeff Raider’s success with his shaving product line, Harry’s, he opened up Harry’s Corner Shop in SoHo with his mate. A small, boutique two-seater shop embodying the spirit of the neighbourhood barber with an on-trend, modern twist.

Using their “Cut Archive” app, barbers at Harry’s record your cut, note suggestions for products, and ensure consistency when you show up 4 weeks later. You can pick up anything from shaving supplies to bike locks and dart boards in the shop. And just like Warby, shaving and cuts are well-priced without sacrificing expertise and quality.

64 Macdougal St, New York

Persons Of Interest

Crack open a Brooklyn Pale Ale, kick-back to the tunes of Woody Allen, and clean up under the shears of hip, cool barbers at Brooklyn-based Persons of Interest. Where locals take refuge in an unfussy, family atmosphere with traditional cuts and a fashionable, retro-inspired setting. Drop into one of their three locations in North Williamsburg, Fort Greene, or Carroll Gardens for a cut next time you’re in Brooklyn.

84 Havemeyer St, Brooklyn

John Allan’s

John Allan’s is the modern gentleman’s playground for full grooming services in New York. Manicures, scalp massages, cuts, and shoeshines, the master barbers at JA don’t miss a beat when it comes to keeping you clean.

Each of their 4 clubs offers a billiards lounge, club room, and cafe to unwind in during your stay. Locals who frequent JA groomers once or twice a month will benefit from the yearly membership, while non members pay $75 per visit with additional services a la carte.

95 Trinity Pl, New York

Truman’s Gentlemen’s Groomers

Truman’s mission is straightforward – to bring out and groom the finest gentleman inside you. Offering a full range of head-to-toe care for men who aren’t looking for the subpar $15 local barber cut. Enjoy a well-stocked bar (scotch included) alongside the welcome lobby and a variety of sporting channels to watch while you wait. Whether you’ve had a long day of meetings or stressful work week, the downstairs spa will surely revitalise and refresh your spirit for a weekend of late night urban endeavours.

120 E 56th St, New York

Blind Barber

Come for the cut, stay for the drinks. A trip to the Blind Barber is like meeting up with mates after work, only you leave looking better and get a free cocktail along the way. In front, an old-timey chop shop with classic cuts and a down-to-earth, friendly staff. Behind closed doors, a lively speakeasy lounge with smart cocktails, killer eats, and the option for pizza delivery from Gnoccos. You can’t go wrong by checking out Blind Barber in one of their three locations in the Village, Williamsburg, or Barney’s Chelsea for a cool grooming experience in New York.

339 E 10th St, New York

Tomcats Barbershop

Tomcats specialises in classic American cuts from the roaring 20’s into the 50’s. Using traditional styling techniques, the crew at this Greenpoint-based chop shop will have you looking as fantastic as Jay Gatsby in no time.

Offering Vintage Undercuts and Modern Side Sweeps so classy, Leonardo himself would fancy a look if he saw you on the street. If you’re a pomade kind of man, your new home is this cool barbershop in New York.

135 India St, Brooklyn

New York Shaving Company

John Scala started the New York Shave Company to recreate the quintessential parlor your dad and his dad would frequent. Where barbers were family friends, the sounds swing and big band welcomed you under crystal chandeliers, and you caught up on the news from printed pages.

Shake hands with a white coat barber. Relax into an old-world barber chair. And groom the way a gentleman should by booking an appointment at this cool barbershop in New York.

202B Elizabeth St, New York

Fellow Barber

A New York staple, Fellow Barber sparked the modern barber culture we know and love today. Welcoming the revival of spaces where men can talk about sports, politics and the likes in a casual, yet classy atmosphere. Fellow arguably offers the best cuts in New York hands down. Life long fans frequent one of their four bustling locations around the city- Chelsea Market, Williamsburg, West Village and SOHO.

Besides precision cuts, the homemade styling products are exceptional and readily available for you to take home for your own smashing shave. Their styling creams, texture pastes, and regimen kits won Men’s Health and GQ awards, and continue to be the best grooming products for men in the city.

33 Crosby St, New York


Barbiere is a true village gem. Folks that live in and around East Village for years miss this traditional Italian chop shop until a friend reveals the location behind their stellar cuts, or someone finds out James Franco got a cut there.

Regardless, Barbiere makes for a peaceful escape from the city. You’re welcomed by a complimentary cocktail under the calming background of soothing blues music. Greeted by an inviting staff, classic Italian barbershop interiors and the scent of eucalyptus towels that will soon adorn your face.

246 E 5th St, New York

Astor Place Hairstylists

New York Legend’s Astor Place Hairstylists has been around for 65+ years, and whether you’re an artist living in Sunnyside or work for JPMorgan Chase on Wall Street, Natives go to Astor Place. Cash only, no frill or booze in sight, but the only place in the village for a quick, exceptional, and low maintenance cut.

2 Astor Pl, New York

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