Some ‘Joker’ Just Released A Live Bat During The Batman Screening

This cinema really put the 'bat' in Batman...

Some ‘Joker’ Just Released A Live Bat During The Batman Screening

There was a brief period where 3D films were all the rage and while, thankfully, that trend has died down, some moviegoers in the US – in Austin, Texas to be exact – got to experience the latest DC Comics film adaptation, The Batman in 4D…

According to CBS Austin, a real live bat was released in the theatre during a screening of The Batman, although it wasn’t planned by the cinema; it was apparently a prank. The bat started flying around during the film and once staff members realised, they paused the film and called animal control.

The cinema in question, The Moviehouse & Eatery in north-west Austin, released a statement saying they believed the whole thing was a prank but couldn’t identify who had released the bat and that the local animal control “have been overseeing the situation to ensure guest, associate and animal safety.” The statement also announced that the cinema would increase security “to ensure a prank like this does not again occur.”

Obviously, people who attended the screening got their phones out and took some great footage of the bat flapping about (instead of paying attention to Rob Pattinson’s take on Batman) which you can watch below:

After cinema staff members attempted – but failed – to get the bat out of the theatre, moviegoers were offered a full refund; however, most decided to stay and watch The Batman to the end. Perhaps the live bat added a certain ambience that enhanced the film.

As for the person or rather, the joker, (sorry that pun had to be made) who released the bat, they’re probably disappointed that everyone reacted so well to the prank as it denied them the chance to say “why so serious?”

Directed by Matt Reeves, The Batman was released in cinemas just last week and will hopefully be bat-free; although no guarantees. If you’re thinking of checking out The Batman make sure you read our review first, which you can do here.

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