40 Best Beach Hair Hairstyles For Men 2023

Summer is just around the corner...not that it matters.

Beach Hairstyles

Forget about ‘dapper’ and ‘dandy’. A man should always be aiming for effortless style the way Mother Nature intended. We’re talking about beach hair and that breezy way it sits in a constant windswept look which screams “I’ve got salt in my hair and I don’t really care, duuude”. Okay, maybe not the dude part.

Nonetheless, it’s when a man’s locks are most thick, buoyant and (despite a little grit), that they look their best. But how does one achieve beach hair when they’re nowhere near the sand and surf?

Watch and learn. This is your simple guide to scoring that elusive beach hair all-year round even if you’re nowhere near a beach.

Breaking It Down

Add A Little Length

The most obvious point is probably the most important. Attaining beach hair requires some length to your hair. That means you’ll have to ditch the buzz-cut and tried and tested short back-and-sides look if you’re serious about bringing the surf vibes to your follicles.

Don’t go full hippie though. All that’s required is a little length on the top – think mid-length hair and at least an inch of growth on the sides, back and crown.

Get A Little Dirty

Keep your pants on tiger. The secret to recreating beach hair without the salty air is by letting it get a little dirty first. We don’t mean dreadlock levels of dirty.

We’re talking about your next day hair post-gym or a few days in between rinsing hair without shampooing. It might sound unhygienic but natural oils excreted by your follicles are far more effective in working with your natural hair’s structure and getting you beach-hair ready than any product.

Invest In The Right Product

Having said that, it’s still important to add the right product to your sweat-prepped locks so that you’ll look more surfer rather than serial killer-in-the-woods.

Typically, a salt-water spray is the best (as opposed to a gel, which adds too much gloss and stiffness to the hair). We like Bumble & Bumble Surf Spray, Kerastase Spray a Porter, KMS Hairplay, O&M Surf Bomb, Murdock London Sea Salt Spray, Redken Fashion Waves, Schwartzkopf OSiS and Kevin Murphy Hair Resort.

Also, for guys with thinner hair, beach hair will require some thickening spray. Key products include Toppik Fibre Hold Sprays, Schwartzkopft Fuller Hair, Andalou Thickening Spray, REF Thickening Spray, My Organics, REF 215 Thickening Spray, and Ojon Volume Advance Thickening Spray.

The Application

Scoring (and successfully rocking) the beach hair is a walk on the beach. Start by getting your hair wet and pat it dry with a towel.

Then apply the thickening spray directly to your hair without drenching it. Grab a hair dryer, blow dry upwards, pointing the nozzle towards the ceiling. Let the hair bounce up and down with the air and work your fingers through the pieces.

Once thickened, use the palm of your hand to spread the salt spray around your hair evenly, focusing on pieces that feel/look too fluffy (the ends usually). Let it sit for a minute or two and once set, use your hand to pull your hair around and style it. Don’t play around too much; the aim is messy here, not polished.

Now, leave the house with your windswept, beach hair with your finest swimmers…to the supermarket.

Final Words

The key to beach hair is investing in good hair products and then naturally working them into your day(s) old hair sans wash.

Putting some effort in with the application and blow drying will equate to a beachy, thick hair that looks just like you’ve risen from the waters of Summer Bay – even if you live in the middle of nowhere.