Ben Simmons' 'Lunchbox Bling' Could Be The Start Of A New NBA Trend

Dopp or dope?

Australian pro basketball player Ben Simmons features regularly on our style pages, flaunting stylish ensembles, flash motors and gym workouts that have all Australian guys green with envy.

His latest Instagram post is no different. Stepping out in New York City in an outfit fit for any Thanksgiving dinner, the 76ers point guard has set Instagram on fire with his style choices. It also indicates there could be a new trend among NBA stars that we’ve coined ‘Lunchbox Bling’.

Simmons teams a red sweater with a black trucker jacket and camouflage pants, along with a pair of red and white sneakers. We haven’t been able to track down the brands he’s wearing, so you can’t copy his exact outfit just yet, but picking up similar items should be a breeze.

It’s the accessories we’ve focused on in particular though, as Simmons wears multiple chains around his neck and can be seen carrying a travel pouch (or Dopp kit) with a Burberry-style check pattern, which we presume is full of personal items…or his packed lunch.

The picture has blown up on Instagram, amassing some 40,000 likes within an hour of posting and several people commenting with the fire emoji, love hearts and marriage proposals.

He’s not the only NBA star to carry off this look, though. Just the other day, LeBron James also rocked the ‘Lunchbox Bling’ look. Anthony Davis of the LA Lakers is another and Kevin Love of the Cleveland Cavaliers continues the trend.


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Cavaliers point guard Jordan Clarkson bucked the trend somewhat by donning a Chanel clutch bag, which he has since ditched in favour of a belt-loop keychain. Nevertheless, we see these accessories as being the next big thing in NBA fashion.

His pouch certainly puts our Tupperware to shame.

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