The 7 Best Allbirds Shoes For Men Wanting Both Comfort and Style

New Zealand-American company, Allbirds is one seriously impressive brand. Founded in 2014, Allbirds is dedicated to creating eco-friendly clothing and footwear made from entirely sustainable resources. The brand is 100% carbon neutral and only uses natural renewable fabrics for their products, such as wool, trees, sugar, and trino. Plus, Allbirds plans to cut their footprint in half by 2025, and then reduce it to near zero by 2030.

However, despite being seriously committed to sustainability, so much so that Allbirds are a certified B Corp, they have not sacrificed style or performance as all of Allbirds’ products, particularly their shoes, are incredibly polished-looking and feature some seriously impressive properties and technologies.

All of Allbirds’ shoes are moisture-wicking, breathable, lightweight, machine-washable, and feature expertly cushioned low-density soles which will give the wearer ultimate support and comfort, and will mimic the foot’s anatomical flexibility as the wearer moves.

With a wide range of shoes on offer – everyday sneakers, runners, weather-repellent shoes, slip ons, and boat shoes, just to name a few – we’ve rounded up our favourite Allbirds shoes that’ll instantly elevate any man’s shoe collection.

All of these shoes are incredibly high-performing and stylish, but have also been sustainably made; meaning you’ll not only look good while rocking a pair of Allbirds’ shoes, you’ll feel good for supporting an eco-friendly brand.

Eclipse Tree Dashers

For the triple black fashionista

Allbirds $125.00
Allbirds’ most technical shoe yet, the Eclipse Tree Dasher is a reimagined running shoe designed to give the wearer maximum energy return. Crafted with renewable materials, the Tree Dasher is breathable & lightweight and will give your arches great support thanks to cushioned insoles. The limited edition Eclipse colour gives these shoes a sleek modern look, and will seamlessly blend with any outfit. For comfort that is truly stylish, you can’t go past Allbirds’ Eclipse Tree Dasher.

Natural White Wool Runners

For the clean freak

Allbirds $98.00
The Wool Runners in Natural White are a clean and simple shoe in aesthetic, perfect for men wanting a sneaker that will go with anything and everything. Ethically made with soft Merino wool, these shoes will keep your feet feeling cosy and comfortable. With moisture-wicking properties, Allbirds’ Wool Runners are a must-have.

Tree Skippers

The for boat owner

Allbirds $98.00
Allbirds’ Tree Skippers are a silky-smooth boat shoe made with responsibly sourced eucalyptus tree fiber for ultimately breathability. Cushioned insoles and odour minimising properties will keep your feet supported and comfortable as you set sail; plus, with multiple colours to choose from you’ll look nautically chic.

Natural Grey Wool Runner Mizzles

For the wet weather enthusiast

Allbirds $115.00
The Wool Runner Mizzles are essentially a waterproof version of Allbirds’ Wool Runners; still made with cosy Merino wool but treated with a bio-based water repellent shield, these shoes will protect you from wet, rainy weather, no matter how hard the downpour. The Wool Runner Mizzles also feature a no-slip natural rubber grip to ensure you don’t lose your footing on slick sidewalks or uneven hiking trails. We recommend the classic Natural Grey colour as it’s rather smart and versatile.

Tree Loungers

For the man who’s given up on life

Allbirds $98.00
The Tree Loungers are a breathable slip-on crafted with responsibly sourced eucalyptus tree fiber and are so comfortable that you’ll start wearing them around your house like a pair of slippers. Perfect for those working from home or those who simply want a lightweight shoe to slip on and off quickly on their days off, Allbirds’ Tree Loungers come in a variety of colours that’ll all give you a slight pop of refinement even if you’re just lounging around all day.

Blue Ridge Wool Runner Up Mizzles

For the city hiker

Allbirds $135.00
Allbirds’ Wool Runner Up Mizzles is simply their Wool Runner Mizzles in a high-top version, which makes this sneaker look a little like a boot. The natural rubber treads on the shoe’s soles give a delightful bounce and better traction, perfect for hiking. And of course, the breathable Merino wool upper has been treated with a water repellent coating to keep your feet dry and protected. Completely machine washable, meaning these shoes can be easily cleaned even after the muddiest of hikes, we recommend the limited edition Blue Ridge colour as it’s stylish enough to wear during your working week in the city and tough enough to take on the outdoors on the weekends.

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