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7 Best Backpacking Tents For The Adventurous Man [2023]

Make camping fun and comfortable with a quality backpacking tent.

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If you’re out adventuring, then only the best backpacking tents are going to ensure a good night’s sleep. Failure to get sufficient rest can easily comprise your trip and make for a miserable camping experience. This is why it’s worth investing in a quality backpacking tent, as not only is it incredibly light and perfect for transit, but they’re super comfortable, making restoration in the wilderness convenient.

However, when searching for a backpacking tent, you need to consider a few things. The main one being, to find a light and durable design geared to last in the harshest weather conditions. This usually means finding a waterproof backpacking tent that provides ventilation for those warmer nights too. Also, you want something that’s roomy, so you can sleep unrestricted while having heaps of gear storage space.

Features of a quality backpacking tent


This is something you’ll need when camping in warmer weather, as securing a tent with ventilation or mesh panels helps maximum airflow. That way, you won’t get to overheat in the night, as the cool air will gentle breeze in.

Flexible Poles

When looking for a quality backpacking tent, you want something that’s easy to set up, especially when you’re venturing to multiple locations. Part of an easy set-up is securing a tent that supplies flexible pole holes that can slip seamlessly through the tent body. Also, adjustable poles will allow for more headspace and a more roomy interior space.

Colour Coding

This also helps set up your tent, as colour coding tells you which pole tip connects to the right tent corner. After a long day of travelling and arriving at your campsite, the last thing you want is to spend heaps of time putting together your backpacking tent. Instead, you want something that’s easy to navigate with colour-coded tent poles, so you know exactly which compartment goes where.

Dual Doors

Now, this may not seem like a top priority but having dual doors is an absolute game-changer, especially for a tent that holds more than one person. We’ve all had that moment, where we wake up in the middle of the night, needing to use the restroom (or bush), and we’ve had to climb over our fellow campers to get to the door. To eliminate that awkwardness, opting for a backpacking tent with a dual door design makes it easier to enter and exit.

Best Backpacking Tent FAQs

What's the difference between camping and backpacking tents?

The main difference between camping and backpacking tents is weight. Backpacking tents are lighter than the standard camping tent, as backpackers require an ultralight tent that's easy to set and not too heavy to carry.

What's a good tent weight for backpacking?

The majority of backpacking tents should weigh less than 2 kg or 4 pounds to be as light as possible while camping. However, if you're looking for an ultralight tent are even ones that weigh less than a half kg.

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