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10 Best Base Layers For Men

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Base layers are crucial when combatting cold weather. When you don’t invest in quality base layers and thermals, you can kiss a great ski season goodbye and say hello to hypothermia. To ensure you don’t put yourself in danger, make sure you get your hands on a great base layer that’s not only highly insulating but features moisture-wicking & anti-odour properties and stretchy comfortable materials too.

Rather than throwing a few jumpers and basic tees over the top, choose a breathable yet durable undergarment that keeps you feeling fresh while helping to retain body heat in even the most challenging weather conditions. Make sure you also select a form-fitted base layer that feels like a second skin, promising to seal cold elements out.

Men’s Base Layer FAQs

What is a base layer?

A base layer is an item of clothing your wear under other clothes and is often thought of as the 'second skin' when layering in cold weather. Base layers and thermals provide you with optimal warmth while also helping to absorb sweat due to their moisture-wicking properties.

Can you wear just a base layer?

A base layer is an undergarment worn beneath all your winter clothes. Although many base layer tops are a simple, minimalist design, they can be worn by themselves; however, to ensure the best results, definitely pair them with a few outer layers when facing icy weather.

Is fleece a good base layer fabric?

Fleece is a high performing fabric but it doesn't make for a good base layer. Fleece is an excellent option for the cold due to its highly warm and insulating properties, but it can easily overheat you, making it a great choice for your second or third layer so you can easily remove it.

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Though it may seem daunting, we’ve uncovered the best base layer brands, ensuring you can create a quality layering system geared to be high performing and protective.