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Best Mobile Betting Apps In Australia For Quick & Easy Gambling

From the high-rollers through to the occasional punter, betting on various sporting events brings with it an adrenaline rush unlike most others. We all like to have more money in our bank accounts, and if if the odds are in our favour, we can increase them significantly. While there are still physical bookmakers you can visit to place your bets and watching the various sporting events which you’ve placed money on, more and more people are increasingly turning their attention to betting apps.

A far more convenient way to spend your money, betting apps offer instant odds among other features such as multi-builders and accumulators, which can see your potential winnings skyrocket. But the betting app industry is far from a monopoly, and as such, there are myriad options for you to choose from. Some are geared more towards certain sporting events than others, such as horse racing for example, but all should offer a relatively seamless experience, with the sole aim of providing you with the easiest route to placing your bets.

With Australia being a nation that provides multiple avenues to gambling – think pokies, TAB or Keno, not to mention casinos – combined with a serious love of sport, whether it be AFL, NRL, NBA, soccer, tennis, horse racing, golf or practically any other sport you can think of, it should come as no surprise to learn there are a huge number of betting apps just begging to be downloaded to your phone.

But which ones are more deserved of your attention (and your money) and which should be best avoided? We’ve put together this list of the best betting apps in Australia, all of which are available for both iOS and Android devices.


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One of the biggest sports betting bookmakers in Australia is Sportsbet. With over one million customers on its books as of the end of 2019 (expect this number to have increased since then), it has long been the bookmaker favoured by Australians nationwide. Keen to uphold this reputation, Sportsbet’s mobile betting app allows for quick and easy access to pretty much any sporting event you can think of worldwide – horse racing is given particularly heavy attention – all with live odds. Notable features include Bet With Mates, which allows you to create a group of friends, where you can see each others’ bets and react to them with emojis.

You’re also able to watch live horse racing via Sky Racing, directly within the app and partake of Sport Multi Builder and Racing Multi Builder, which allow you to add multiple bets to one slip, creating a new set of odds. This can help you to increase your winnings from relatively smaller bets, or go for broke and win big. Sportsbet also offers expert tips on select races and events to help give you an upper hand.

As for an app experience itself, everything on Sportsbet is clearly laid out, easy to navigate and even includes other features such as built-in live chat, should you need to speak to customer service immediately.


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Founded only a few years ago by former Ladbrokes Australia CEO Dean Shannon, Neds has quickly become one of the go-to sports betting sites for Australian punters. Shannon’s former employer clearly noticed the impact it was having on the Australian market, and acquired Neds in 2018. If you’re into horse racing in particular, you definitely need to check out what Neds has to offer, as you have access to pretty much any race, anywhere, and it gives you full form guides, detailed track information, live streaming, same-race multis and heaps of other useful and easy-to-use features.

Neds also has a feature called Punter’s Toolbox, which gives insights and tips to help you make the most well-informed bets. Unfortunately, you can’t watch racing live within the app like you can with some others, but we wouldn’t exactly say this is a dealbreaker.


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While it might not have been founded in Australia, because Ladbrokes occupies a spot on the list of world’s biggest bookmakers, it was only a matter of time before it could also call down under its home. Like some other bookmakers and betting apps, Ladbrokes places a strong focus on horse racing, so if this is your primary interest, you definitely need to check it out. That’s not to say other sports aren’t catered to, because they are, but Ladbrokes’ promotions (which can be great) often revolve around all things horses.

Navigating your way around the app is incredibly easy (thanks to a much-needed overhaul) and depositing money and withdrawing winnings can both be done in seconds. Ladbrokes Australia also has a rather unique feature of offering a accompanying Visa card, which you can withdraw your winnings to, and then use it to spend in stores or withdraw cash from ATMs. You can watch live horse racing taking place in Victoria and South Australia directly within the app, which are accompanied by an Infohub, revealing information about racing form, which can help with your bets. You’re also able to watch NBA within the app, and place Multi Maker bets – Ladbroke’s version of a multi builder.


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Online gambling company Bet365, like other betting sites and bookmakers in Australia, gives access to a huge range of sports upon which you can place bets. Again, there is a strong focus on horse racing, and live odds on races is the first page you’re shown when you open the app. One of the standout features of Bet365 is ‘Bet365 Best’, which applies to horse racing. With this feature, you stand to receive the best possible odds, even if they differ from the ones Bet365 offers.

And, because it’s a UK-based company, you get access to an incredible selection of worldwide sports, including such markets as UK soccer and the Premier League, and perhaps best of all, you’re able to stream any event you’ve placed a bet on. The app is incredibly simple use, offering quick loading times and easy navigation between sports and markets, and your bet slips can be accessed without any stress, and again, you get to live stream sporting events.


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Unibet is yet another Australian online betting provider with access to pretty much any sport and market you can think of. There’s less of a focus on horse racing compared to others, but instead, you’re free to navigate around the app to find the sport you’re looking for. That’s not to say Unibet doesn’t cater to horse racing, as it most certainly does, with access to virtually all horse races both in Australia and overseas.

The app allows you to watch live streams and replays of most sporting events around the world, and in fact, Unibet was one of the first to introduce this feature, so you can be sure it’s going to be an incredibly slick operation. Other features include a regularly updated blog, which pulls in expert analysis of upcoming events, along with Tweets which can help remind you of any sporting events you might be interested in. The Smart Punter feature gives detailed information around the risks of gambling, to help ensure you don’t end up in any financial trouble.

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