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10 Best Cheap Watch Brands For Amplifying Your Wrist Game

Saving time and money has never looked so good.

10 Best Cheap Watch Brands For Amplifying Your Wrist Game

Image: Orient

It’s no secret that guys lust after a luxury timepiece. Rolex, OMEGA, IWC, you name it – the modern man is going to want it. But when finances are tight, a more affordable brand has to suffice. For myself, affordable is, unfortunately, all I can aspire to, but luckily, there are plenty of brands to choose from that don’t scrimp on style or quality.

Traditionally more ‘affordable’ watches haven’t been all that fantastic when compared to their exotic Swiss cousins, but today this is far from true. There is a myriad of brands that high quality, beautifully designed watches all for the tiniest of fractions of the price of their luxurious counterparts. At their core, they still perform the same function and do so almost as well as their expensive counterparts, but they do so without a ridiculous markup that a brand with the cache of Rolex can do.

For some time, those who had the funds to delve into the world of fine Swiss watchmaking would raise their nose at the thought or sight of the likes of a Seiko or Citizen. Again, those times have changed and so has the watch community. Ultimately what binds the watch world together is a love for a small mechanical device that sits upon one’s wrist and tells the time. Whether you wear a $500,000 Richard Mille or a $50 Swatch, you ultimately share a passion for the same thing, watches. In this day and age, the world’s watch community appreciates this passion more than ever.

Sure an affordable watch might not have the most beautifully-finished movement or be made from some exotic blend of carbon fibre and white gold, but as a daily timekeeper, it still carries out its main function and you don’t have to worry as much if it succumbs to the odd knock or scrape.