10 Best Cigars To Smoke In 2022

From cheap cigars to the best cigars to smoke when you have your first baby, these are the cigars for every occasion.

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Humorist and novelist Mark Twain once said, “a good cigar, is the perfect way to end the week” and, honestly, we couldn’t agree more.

Smoking a cigar is truly a rite of passage in a young man’s life, almost like you’re saying farewell to adolescence. However, knowing the cigar brands, and therefore, the signs of a high-quality cigar is crucial as its strength and volume can be intimidating to a beginner. But, once you find the perfect cigar, it can be a real treat for a special occasion (or just another Friday).

Finding the right cigar comes down to a few intricacies, including the filler, wrapper, shape, body, size, and infusion of flavour. Just like a bold glass of red wine, there are many preferable pairings when it comes to the flavour combination of a cigar. It’s certainly not a case of one size fits all.

So ask yourself, are you after something sweet with creamy flavours featuring chocolate notes, or are you after something a little more potent? A pepper flavour with a nutty finish? Do you want a mild or medium strength? Or would you prefer a full-bodied cigar?

Cigar FAQs

Why are cigars so strong?

The strength of a cigar relates to the priming of the plant - the higher the priming, the stronger the tobacco will be. That's why Ligero is widely considering the strongest priming as it's the highest point in the plant, receiving optimal sunlight. Fermentation also plays a big part in a leaf's strength as the longer tobacco ferments, the weaker it will be.

Why are Cuban cigars banned in the United States?

Cuban cigars are banned in the U.S because of the strict trade embargo to ban all imports of products containing Cuban goods. The policy was established in February 1962 by President John F Kennedy as a way to reject Fidel Castro's Communist regime in Cuba. Bringing in Cuban cigars for personal consumption was temporarily legal a few years ago, however became illegal again in 2020.

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