Best Clothing Alteration Stores Sydney 2022

You don’t always have to buy new when updating your wardrobe. Instead, you can take old clothes to a clothing alterations store to repair them or resize them.

Picture it, if you go to put a pair of pants on one morning, or you dust off your finest dinner jacket for your next black-tie event but find they no longer fit – whether it’s because you’ve lost or put on weight – then it can be all too easy to decide to throw them out and buy replacements.

Yet, with the state of the environment being at the forefront of most conversations within the fashion industry right now, getting your clothes altered is a far more viable alternative.

Taking whatever items of clothing no longer fit properly to an alternations service can give them a new lease of life – in the same way getting a pair of shoes repaired can keep them walking many more miles – and the result is a tailored fit that will hug your figure expertly (and potentially accentuate those new biceps of yours).

Of course, trusting your beloved wardrobe of clothing with someone else can be a little daunting, which is why we’ve put together a list of the best clothing alteration services in Sydney together, so you can be sure that the shop you take your suits, shirts or jeans to, will reward you with a stylish new look.

Top Stitch Clothing Alterations & Tailoring

Shop 14/537-551 George Street, Sky View Shopping Plaza, Sydney, 2000

No alterations job is too big nor too small for the Top Stitch team. Having been occupying a space in the centre of town for the best part of a decade, Top Stitch has cemented itself as being one of the most trustworthy alterations services around. Not only can Top Stitch look after your jackets, shirts, tuxedos and even kilts, if you own then, but a Master Tailor is also among the ranks to help adjust the fitment of your suits, whether it relates to the jacket or pants.

Lily’s Clothing Alterations

Shop 6/631 George Street, Haymarket, 2000

For fast, quality alterations that don’t cost the earth, then you need to check out Lily’s. Lily only has a small team of seamstresses by her side, but they’re all dedicated to their craft and value customer satisfaction above all else. Alterations are carried out within minutes or hours if time allows, but for what would be considered more complex tasks, the store only tends to need a couple of days. What’s more, if you take something to Lily’s and it’s not repairable, she’ll tell you straight up. What a woman.

Veracity Tailor

82 Cleveland Street, Chippendale, 2008

Veracity Tailor has been involved with Sydney fashion since 1994. It started as a design company, which provided pattern designs and cutting services to many Australian fashion designers. Owner Dawei opened his first tailors within Sydney in 2000, offering both a made-to-measure tailoring service and an alterations service on the side. Any alteration work is handled by Dawei and his team, and a full price list can be found on the company’s website, so you know what you’ll be paying before you turn up.

Sew Special

Shop 21A/111 Elizabeth Street, Sydney, 2000

Run by seamstress Joanna, Sew Special has been in business for close to 20 years. Claiming you shouldn’t get a “so-so job, get a Sew Special”, Joanna and her team will happily take care of any alterations you need. They’re incredibly knowledgeable not only when it comes to adjusting the fit of shirts, jackets, pants and suits, but also how they should be styled, and it’s this know-how that shines in the results you receive.

M&R Tailoring & Alterations

1/49-51 York Street, Sydney, 2000

M&R Tailoring is the brainchild of Maher Hadid, who immigrated to Australia when he was 28, having already been making trousers for 14 years. Upon arriving in Australia he headed up the tailoring department of Henry Bucks before finally opening his own business in 2004. Maher’s business can create brand new tailored suits and shirts for you, or alter and adjust the ones you already own. The service you receive is always provided with a smile and with a pretty much faultless 4.9-star rating, Maher’s alterations business could well be the best in Sydney.

Surpassed Alterations

1/45 William Street, Alexandria, 2015

A short trip out of the city and you get to Surpassed Alterations in Alexandria. Amy and her team consistently strive to provide first-class customer service, with a quality alterations service to boot. With quick turnaround times the order of the day and reliability a prominent feature (nobody wants to make a return visit after all) Surpassed Alterations could well surpass all expectations.