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10 Best Cycling Watches To Help You Smash Your PB Times

Cycling is one of the most popular sports worldwide. A discipline that allows you to traverse long distances, soaking up the scenery in the process, as well as to strengthen the muscles in your body – even your calves! – cycling is something almost all of us should try. And hey, it also allows you to get to places road tax-free!

Of course, one of the most attractive aspects of cycling is its competitive nature. As with most sports, the idea of beating personal best times is one shared by many, so whether you want to attack an uphill climb, cycle a marathon – or even an Ironman – distance or perhaps engage in a bit of sprint cycling, we always want to make progress.

What To Look For In A Cycling Watch?

One of the best tools for that job is a dedicated cycling watch. Essentially a smartwatch – and most of the best cycling watches are great all-rounders for other sports tracking too – a cycling watch should bring with it some dedicated cycling functions.

First and foremost should be a built-in GPS sensor and a heart-rate monitor to keep a close eye on your vital statistics. But the very best cycling watches will allow you to sync your data with some of the best cycling apps out there, such as Strava, for example, to keep all your times in one easy-to-manage place.

They should also have a generous battery life, especially when in GPS-mode. All smartwatches will have a battery life that varies depending on how you use it And, since cycling is such a popular sport, there are plenty of options when it comes to choosing the best cycling watch for you.

As we mentioned earlier, many of these best cycling watches will include tracking for a variety of other sports too, so if you don’t restrict yourself to just cycling, slapping one on your wrist is a no brainer. From big name brands to those you might not have heard of before, these are the best cycling watches to buy right now.

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