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The 5 Best Dash Cams So You Can Drive With Peace Of Mind

These are the best dash cams available.

If you want to jump on the dashboard camera, or dash cam, bandwagon (and why wouldn’t you? Dash cams can provide you with evidence if you’re in an accident, can capture if you’re unfairly treated by law enforcement, can prevent insurance fraud, and so much more) but you’re unsure where to start, never fear. We’ve rounded up the best dash cams available.

The history of dash cams

It may surprise you to learn that dash cams were first used all the way back in the 1930s! It’s true, although they only took still images, and were only used in police vehicles; this is because dash cams were originally designed to help police officers both catch traffic violators, and to collect photographic evidence of traffic offences being committed.

Over the years, dash cams vastly improved technology-wise: they became capable of recording video, and had instant footage rewatch abilities. However, from the 30s to the 90s, dash cams were still exclusively used by police officers. In the 90s, the footage from police dash cams not only helped in terms of building evidence or finding traffic violators, but it was frequently featured (mostly in a comedic way) on reality shows like COPS; arguably a reason for dash cams’ rise to popularity with the general population.

Around the 2000s, dash cams became inexpensive to produce and less bulky than previous versions, making them easily accessible to the public. Russia was actually one of the first countries where the government not only allowed civilians to use and install dash cams, but encouraged it, due to the countries’ high rate of car accidents and corruption present within their police force – hence the wealth of Russian dash cam footage on the internet today.

Flash forward to today, and dash cams are practically used all over the globe by anyone with a vehicle; and the footage from dash cams is ridiculously popular on YouTube, with some dash cam videos even going viral. Although, some countries have very specific laws relating to using dash cams and making the footage available publicly, so if you’re thinking of investing in a dash cam, check whether you can legally do so in your state/country.

Dash Cams FAQs

Are dash cams illegal?

This is entirely dependent on where you reside, but for the most part, no! Most countries and states do allow dash cam use, but, again depending on where you are, there are restrictions that can apply to dash cams.

For example, in the United States, many states, such as New York and Washington, have strict laws about windshield obstructions; so if you live in one of these US states, and your dash cam is deemed to obstruct your windshield and ultimately, your view of the road whilst driving, you can get in trouble with the law.

You also need to consider privacy laws. Some countries and states deem dash cam footage a violation of privacy, especially if it's uploaded to social media.

We recommend thoroughly reading your state and country's laws, or reach out to your local law enforcement, to see what dash cam restrictions will apply to you before purchasing and setting up a dash cam in your car.

What features should a dash cam have?

There are so many different features that dash cams can possess nowadays, but the most important things to look out for is high video quality (4K is the best but not completely necessary; 1080P is fine!), night vision, a looping feature, and a parking mode.

If you’re wanting to get yourself a dash cam, these are the best dash cams available.

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