Dronestagram Reveals The Most Mind-Blowing Drone Photographs Of 2016

Drone Photographs

2016 was a big year for drones. Pilots raced them in Dubai. Mark Zuckerberg wanted to use them to provide internet access to the world. Dutch police trained eagles to snatch them out of the sky. Artists also jumped on the drone bandwagon, using the tech to provide a unique perspective on our planet.

Dronestagram, a popular photo sharing social network dedicated to drone photographs, is bringing 2016 to a close with 20 of the most stunning images produced by its community this year. Their selection highlights the beauty of aerial photography across a range of areas: agriculture, sports, adventure, wildlife, landscapes, cultural heritage, romantic moments…

The pictures span the globe, from the rushing waters of Niagara Falls in North America, to a bird attack in French Polynesia, to a chile farm in India, to the beaches of Australia and Brazil.

Some sights, like a lavender field in France or Italy’s Cinque Terre, are well-worn subjects for photographers, but they feel fresh when seen from a sky-high vantage point. Others, like the formation of a ski race in Russia or an erupting volcano on Reunion Island, can only be fully appreciated with an aerial view.

If the holiday season has brought the gift of a new drone into your life, these breathtaking images are setting the bar very high for your Instagram in 2017.