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Best Suit & Garment Bags That Will Protect Your Most Prized Suits In Style

Protect your suit in style.

Best Garment Bags

No-one ever died from being too organised. In fact, when an item has its place, a home, its own space, the longevity of its life is extended. And this is particularly important when it comes to big-ticket items, or items we use most days, like work suits.

Which is why we’re raising the issue of garment bags. The streamline, zip-py suit pocket might have a place hanging from your closet rail, but what about when you hit the road? It’s time to invest in one that protects your super wool 100, and looks equally as dapper hanging from your manicured mit as you board the plane on business.

From the high-flyer to the bicycle commuter, here are 10 garment bags that are perfect for work, business travel or simply a weekend jaunt. Bon voyage.


Tumi is so often the go-to brand of choice for any frequent business class passenger. The company, founded in 1975, has earned itself a reputation among the point-end elite, due to its use of high-quality materials which includes Ballistic Nylon. The company puts its cases and bags through a rigorous 30-step testing process to ensure they’ll serve each customer for many years, not only so they remain looking slick, but to protect whatever it is inside.

The Alpha 3 is our pick of the bunch, owing to the fact it can hold a surprising amount of stuff. Tumi says it’s good to carry one suit, but we’ve been able to fit two into our own – that’s right, the Alpha 3 is properly DMARGE-approved – and the integrated hanging hook proves to be invaluable, saving you the hassle of remembering your own. The Ballistic Nylon material keeps it, and everything inside, well-protected, while the black colour with grey accents exudes business class style.

Tumi Alpha 3 $650


WallyBags is the brainchild of Wallace “Wally” London, who, in 1960, decided to branch out from his Chemco Products Inc. business to start manufacturing garment bags. He invented a new style of locking system that secures the hangar in place at the top of the bag, ensuring the clothes inside don’t fall down and arrive at their destination wrinkle-free. Not only does the company now make bags to stow away your suits, but all manner of other garment bags to keep all your clothes secure.

The 40-inch Suit Length garment bag features the very same WallyLock clamp system, so you can travel easy, knowing your suits aren’t going to become a crumpled mess at the bottom. The additional pockets can be used to store shoes and any other accessories you may have and integrated handles allow you to easily attach it luggage trolleys.

Wally Bags 40" Suit Length Garment Bag with Pockets
WallyBags 40-inch Suit Length Garment Bag $82


Victorinox can have its history traced all the way back to 1884 when it invented the Swiss Army Knife. Since then the company – still managed by the same family – has expanded into various other product lines, including travel gear. Its range encompasses suitcases, duffels, backpacks, briefcases and wallets, not to mention garment bags, too.

The Werks Traveler 5.0 could be seen as the Swiss Army of the garment bag world. It’s incredibly lightweight, allowing you to pass through the terminal with ease and its ballistic nylon construction will not only prevent the bag itself from suffering damage, but your suits and accessories inside as well. Speaking of which, clothes can be held in place thanks to an internal compression strap, while two pockets will happily gobble up any other items you need to take with you.

Victorinox 32301301 Werks Traveler 5.0 WT Deluxe Garment Sleeve Bag
Victorinox Werks Traveler 5.0 WT Deluxe Garment Sleeve Bag $125


Samsonite should need no introduction. Undoubtedly one of the global leaders in all things luggage, the American founded company (its headquarters are now in Hong Kong) knows a thing or two about keeping your clothes and valuables safe when travelling. Its suitcase range is extensive, covering all major material types and varying numbers of wheels, while the business bag range is equally thorough.

Samsonite’s garment bag range isn’t huge, but it offers everything you could need. The ExB 2.0 Ultra Valet promises to keep your suits, shoes and clothes in pristine condition from destination A to B. Its Ballistic Poly/Nylon build protects your stuff like Fort Knox, while a multitude of interior pockets provides you with ample room to store all kinds of accessories. Its carry-on size also means you never have to let it out of your sight.

Samsonite ExB 2.0 Ultra Valet Garment Bag $290


Milwaukee, Wisconsin-based company Hartmann has been crafting luggage since 1877 and in the years since, has had to keep up with the ever-changing need of the traveller. Its luggage ranges are designed to not only keep your valuables safe and secure, but to double up as a stylish accessory you can be proud to be seen with when making your way through the terminal.

The Metropolitan 2 Garment Sleeve provides just that. It will happily accept any hangar style – no discrimination here – while a padded shoulder strap means you can carry your suits, shoes and accessories in comfort. Interior pockets are on hand to keep things organised, and a splash of internal colour can be seen when the bag is folded, gifting it its own unique identity.

Hartmann Metropolitan 2 Garment Sleeve
Hartmann Metropolitan 2 Garment Sleeve $240

Hook & Albert

Just one quick browse of Hook & Albert’s online store is all it takes to understand this is a high-end brand. Not one to just want to churn out a mass of different styles, Hook & Albert instead says it takes a longer, more dedicated process to produce its catalogue. And fine leather can be found in abundance.

The Leather Garment Weekender Bag is as premium as they come and is essentially two bags in one. You’re able to arrange it so it looks like any other duffel bag, or it can be collapsed down to a more garment bag-like form. Whichever ‘mode’ you choose, the Garment Weekender will store your clothes – including two 46-inch suits – without the worry of them becoming wrinkled. Internal shoe pockets keep your dirty feet away from said suits, and external pockets will accept any remaining loose items.

Hook & Albert Leather Garment Weekender Bag $980


Montblanc is the epitome of a luxury goods company. With leather-bound fingers in all manner of product pies, the German purveyor of fine goods is the go-to place for when you really want to treat yourself. It might put a strong focus on its various pens, but Montblanc also has a comprehensive luggage portfolio comprising passport holders, suitcases and toiletry bags.

Not to mention the Nightflight Garment Bag, of course. Pure and simple is the name of the game here, with a large internal pocket complete with open top for hangers, an external pocket for small accessories and an easy-to-use popper closure, all held in place via two leather straps. To help locate your Nightflight among the others at the cloakroom of The Ritz, you can opt to have your initials embossed on the included tag.

Montblanc Nightflight Garment Bag $695

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