Best Garment Bags

Best Suit & Garment Bags That Will Protect Your Most Prized Suits In Style

No-one ever died from being too organised. In fact, when an item has its place, a home, its own space, the longevity of its life is extended. And this is particularly important when it comes to big-ticket items, or items we use most days, like work suits.

Which is why we’re raising the issue of garment bags. The streamline, zip-py suit pocket might have a place hanging from your closet rail, but what about when you hit the road? It’s time to invest in one that protects your super wool 100, and looks equally as dapper hanging from your manicured mit as you board the plane on business.

From the high-flyer to the bicycle commuter, here are 10 garment bags that are perfect for work, business travel or simply a weekend jaunt. Bon voyage.

Garment Bag FAQ

How to choose a good garment bag?

The best garment bags should be made from quality materials, thick enough so it does not crease and bend. The handle must be sturdy and comfortable, while the zipper allows for easy packing.

What are the different types of garment bag?

Garment bags come in a variety of styles. You can choose from bi-folds or tri-folds. There are also roll-ups and single sleeves. You can make each style work depending on your needs.

How many suits can I fit in a garment bag?

A regular garment bag can fit up to three suits, with space left for other accessories. The designated pockets can protect your shoes, belts and other clothing items.

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