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The 11 Best Garmin Fitness Watches & Smartwatches To Buy In 2021

The wearables market has exploded in recent years, with Statista claiming some 929 million connected wearable devices were registered in 2021, and this figure is expected to soar past one billion in 2022. Whether it’s a smartwatch to save you from reaching for your phone every time you get a message or receive a phone call, or a fitness-oriented watch to help you log your run times or to coach you on your swimming technique, there is a wearable for everyone and practically every scenario.

One brand that has really championed the wearable is Garmin. Already a dab hand at producing GPS-enabled devices for a range of applications, Garmin has taken that technology and integrated it into a range of incredibly accomplished fitness watches, fitness trackers and smartwatches. The American company – now headquartered in Switzerland – offers wearables to suit all budgets and all user requirements, whether it be the do-it-all Fenix 6, a fitness watch for runners in the Forerunner, or something a little more lifestyle such as the Venu.

While it’s fair to say a vast majority of Garmin’s fitness watches and smartwatches are going to appeal to those who take their fitness seriously, they could also act as a catalyst to help give you some much needed motivation to get your health and wellbeing in order. So, which are the best Garmin fitness watches and smartwatches to buy right now? We’ve put together this definitive guide to all things Garmin.

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