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32 Best Gin Brands To Enjoy Like Royalty In 2023

Kick back and relax, and let the good times be gin with these top drop gin brands.

32 Best Gin Brands To Enjoy Like Royalty In 2023

Ah, gin. Sweet, sweet gin. For so transparent a spirit it sure has a colourful past; a true rags to riches story that every man, woman and their dog should know.

Born in Holland and adopted by the English in the 17th century, it lubricated and warmed the Thirty Years War, was used as medicine to cure (ironically) gout and stomach complaints, saved countless sailors from scurvy when mixed with lime, got the poor of London so consistently blind hammered that The Gin Act was passed – which subsequently incited the Gin Riots – before it clawed and refined its way through the intervening centuries to become the sophisticated and classic backbone to James Bond’s martini…before Smirnoff brainwashed everyone with a bloody corker of an advertising campaign.

All in all it’s been one hell of a ride for gin, and what we particularly love about it is how it conjures images like a time machine, whether they be romantic ones of gin-swigging sailors of the Royal Navy chasing down rum-guzzling pirates in the 18th century, or not-so-romantic ones of London whores with teeth the colour of earwax showing off their ankles for a penny during the Jack the Ripper era.

Of course, nowadays gin is synonymous with summer days and a G&T or, if you’re of the Snoop Dogg disposition, sippin’ on with some juice.

The real question though, is which juniper juice to plump for? No need to reach for a drop of the Dutch courage – that’s gin again by the way – to help, here are thirty of our favourites from around the globe.