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Cool Gym Bags To Smash & Stash Your Gear

Gym bags have certainly evolved over the years, and in the process helped many of us get to and from our workouts with real practicality. Because let’s face it, a suitcase would be more practical for the amount of stuff we can sometimes take to the gym, especially if you’re into boxercise or other combat sports.

All of the world’s biggest sports brands have a great selection of gym and sports bags to choose from. The key is getting the size right. Something too big and you’ll feel like a tennis player walking onto the Rod Laver Arena, something too small and you will be wrestling your kit into your bag post-session – not a great look.

But it doesn’t have to be all big logos and shoulder straps. Strolling up to the gym with a nice weekend bag to match your smarter work attire may make you look and feel better, so why not just do it – there are few rules!

And, if like most of us you take some real pride in your clothes, even the garments you wear for a workout, then you’ll need a bag with compartments or compression straps that help you keep everything in place and uncreased – so check that your bag has all your required features.

So, without further ado, we are going to look at the best gym bags on the market right now in 2021.

Best Gym Bag FAQ

What is the best material for gym bags?

This depends on your personal style. The most widely used materials are leather, canvas and nylon. Nylon bags are durable and waterproof, while canvas bags are reusable and much lighter and easier to carry.

What is the best style of gym bag?

Duffel bags are popular for gym goers for many reasons. They have space for everything, from your water bottle and sneakers, to your extra clothes. There are even different compartments so you will not have to cram everything all together inside.

What is a good size gym bag?

The right size for your gym bag depends on the items you plan to carry. Also, consider one that can be easily stored in a gym locker or other storage unit. For most people, a medium-sized bag is sufficient.

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