Best Men's Gym Tops To Withstand Your Biggest Workouts

Keep cool while looking cool, with these stylish shirts.

When it comes to choosing a gym top, it’s not as easy as just going into your local sports shop, picking up a t-shirt and heading home. There are myriad factors that come into play: what fabric is it made from? how well does it fit? does it fit into your budget? You also need to consider where you’ll be wearing said top, do you workout in the confines of a gym, or do you prefer to keep fit in the great outdoors?

You’ll also find that different tops are better suited to different types of workouts. Runners and cyclists will require something more breathable and durable than someone who just wants to lift heavy weights in the gym. Our preference is choosing gym brands that invest in fabric technology to fight heat and smells, like Lululemon’s Silverscent technology.

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We don’t blame you if you haven’t taken all of this into consideration for your next shopping trip, so to make the buying process that much easier, we’ve compiled a list of the best gym tops out there, from globally recognised brands to those you may not have heard of before. Most importantly, all of them will keep you looking your best, even with that awkward face you pull when pushing yourself to the limit.

Gym Tops & Shirts FAQ

What to consider when choosing gym shirt?

Choose clothes that are made from breathable and moisture-wicking fabric, like nylon, bamboo and spandex. This will allow air to circulate, making you feel fresh and comfortable.

How should a workout shirt fit?

Your gym shirt should not get in the way of your movement. The fit should depend on your activity. Generally, workout shirts should be loose and comfortable, but if you are doing Pilates or yoga, you need stretchy and fitted fabrics.

Can I wear a cotton shirt to the gym?

Cotton is an excellent for working out as long as you blend it with other fabrics like spandex. Pure cotton tend to absorb moisture easily, leaving your shirt heavy and sticky with sweat.

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