The 8 Best Beer Making Kits For Australians To Make Tasty Beer At Home

Make your own beer with the best beer making kits available down under.

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With most of spending much more time at home now thanks to a global pandemic, if you’re an Aussie beer lover, now is the perfect time to start home brewing; making your own beer from scratch at home! And there are a surprising amount of quality starter beer making kits and recipe kits that include everything you need to homebrew.

What you’ll need to make beer at home

Most homebrew or beer making kits come with everything you need to make beer at home, but it’s important to know exactly what you need before you start brewing, so you don’t realise mid-brew that you’re missing something crucial and you’ve ruined your batch.

To make beer at home you need a fermenter, a hydrometer, an airlock, grain & hop socks/bags, sanitiser, bottles (if you plan on bottling your brew), a syphon, a funnel/filter, hops, grains, yeast, and malt. All of these things usually come with most beer making kits but it’s important to check before you start that the beer making kit you’ve ordered does have all of this included.

You will also need one or two large cooking pots (think a 10-15 litre soup pot) and a cooking thermometer. These things are not usually included with beer making kits but are crucial to brewing; so, if you don’t already have these at home, you’ll most likely have to purchase them before you start making your beer (again, this depends on what kit you purchase).

Beer Making Kits FAQs

How long does homebrewing take?

This depends on how much beer and what type of beer you're making. Generally, homebrewing can take a total of four to eight weeks, with four weeks being the absolute minimum. Although, the amount of time you'll actually spend making the beer will only be about three to four hours. Then, the beer just needs to be left alone to ferment for a few weeks before you bottle it and then leave it alone again for another couple of weeks. Most beer making kits will tell you exactly how long to leave your beer to ferment before and after bottling it.

How difficult is home brewing?

Homebrewing isn't as hard as you'd think; especially if you purchase a 'beginners' homebrewing kit. Making beer at home is not particularly labour-heavy; it just takes time and a little patience. The most difficult part of homebrewing is the bottling process, but most starter kits come with gadgets and bottles that make this process as easy as possible.

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Whether you’re a beginner wanting to make a small batch of craft beer or a seasoned brewer wanting to perfect their beer-making skills, these are the best beer making kits to get in Australia.

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