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Cool Housewarming Gifts For Men They’ll Actually Love & Use

Moving to a new home is something that we all do at least once in our lives. But there’s nothing worse when a friend, a colleague, a sibling, or someone in your life moves to a new place, invites you to the housewarming, and all you can think of bringing as a gift is a house plant that you just know will be dead in a week. You want to really wow them, and spend your money on something that’ll enhance their new home; not end up in the trash (like a dead house plant). So, what do you get them?

You get them one of these best housewarming gifts that will make Dorothy’s words, “there’s no place like home” truer than ever. We’ve rounded up 24 gifts that are all cool and stylish, yet functional; ensuring that anyone who’s moved to a new place will love AND actually use them. Plus, you’ll be the guest of honour not only at the housewarming but every time they invite you to their new humble abode.

And we promise, no house plants appear on this list!