21 Best Loft Apartments Around The World

Loft Apartments

For many a magnificent bastard, loft apartments are the ultimate expression of stylish living. They’re spacious, open, masculine, modern, and adaptable. They can be stripped back and industrial, or plush and palatial. And they’re guaranteed to make you wonder why you ever slummed it in a studio.

While every space has its own distinct character, there are common threads that run throughout many loft apartments. High ceilings are a must. Natural light is also essential, either from an extensive system of windows or large skylights (or both, for the indecisive). Exposed brick, cement, and pipes bring gritty glory to countless warehouse conversions.

With so much space to fill, interior design in a loft is of the utmost importance. Think big. Dining tables are long, couches are large, lighting fixtures make statements. Good art is indispensable. And that quirky thing you’ve always wanted? Now’s the time to do it. Bring on the indoor basketball court or the pinball machine in the living room.

Today’s dose of interior design inspiration comes from all around the world, as we take a look at 21 spectacular lofts in some of our favourite cities.

Loft Apartment FAQ

What is the difference between a loft and a studio?

Loft is much bigger than a studio. A studio apartment only has one or two rooms. A loft has a much larger space which may be broken up into smaller spaces. It also usually has high ceilings and large windows.

How to increase natural light at home?

You may add while or light-colored furnishings to your loft. Daylight bulbs also mimic the look of natural light, so may want to use them for you overhead lighting fixtures. To add visual depth to a small room, hang a large mirror.

How do I make my loft feel cozy?

Lofts can be cavernous and cold. Balance out by using plenty of soft and cozy materials. Use long, sheer flowing curtains, plush rugs and throw pillows. Sectional sofas, rounded table lamps and arched mirrors also the trick.