Best Melbourne Golf Shops To Help Get The Most From Your Swing

It’s no secret that Australians love to play golf. It’s easily the most popular club-based sport in the country, not to mention of the most popular outdoor sports in general, with Australians taking advantage of the sheer number of golf courses in all the major cities. And, since we here Down Under are afforded plenty of sunshine all year round, there’s always time to fit 9 or 18 holes in with mates.

But, while it may be said that a bad workman never blames his tools, you shouldn’t have anything to blame if you have the right golf equipment by your side. A pristine set of clubs, a grip-tastic leather glove or golf shoes that fit just right, if you have all the gear you’ll definitely have some idea of the competitive levels of play you’ll be able to reach.

Melbourne has, without doubt, some of the best golf courses not just in Australia, but in the world – indeed, a few of them are actually ranked as some of the world’s best. With such a high-level of playable greens then, you’re going to want to make sure you have the best kit to take advantage of them as you smack, chip and putt your way to under par glory. Alternatively, if you just want to de-stress or you’re not exactly destined to be the next Tiger Woods, you can head to any of Melbourne’s driving ranges to simply smash away.

Fortunately for Melburnians (and visitors to the southern state) the city of Melbourne and its surrounding suburbs are home to a number of golf shops stocking a wide range of brands and covering everything from clubs to shoes to smaller accessories, and even pieces of tech such as rangefinders to help you make the perfect shot (in theory).

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