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These Men’s Deodorants That Will Leave You Smelling Like A Million Bucks

Stay cool, as Samuel L. Jackson would say.

  • LAST UPDATEDMonday 3rd August, 2020

Most guys would be forgiven for thinking that their choice of deodorants comes down to either what’s on sale at the supermarket or that can of obnoxious spray that came with the fragrance gift pack they got for Christmas one year.

Every man and his dog has their opinion on what deodorant works best, smells best and represents the best value, but we think it’s about time to transcend that conversation and present the absolute best options for keeping you dry, confident and cool.

Anthony Logistics Alcohol Free Deodorant

Anthony for Men has long been a big name in grooming with its range of scientific, functional and modern products, and their deodorant continues this trend. Alcohol-free, aluminium-free, and, interestingly, fragrance-free, Anthony’s deodorant uses botanical and herbal extracts to help neutralise odours while being safe on your clothes and your skin.

BUY $29


Penhaligon’s Deodorant

The only brand on our list to feature a royal appointment, British perfumery house Penhaligon’s pair of roll on deodorants come in 3 distinct scents that are all based on some of their most iconic perfumes and colognes. ‘Blenheim Bouquet’ is a crisp, citrusy, spicey number, while ‘Quercus’ is slightly more structured with notes of basil, white flowers and patchouli.

‘Endymion’ combines sweet, sharp, and spicy to create a deodorant of contrasts, and finally ‘Sartorial’ aims to recreate the feel of a bespoke tailors with scents of honey, leather, oakmoss and violet. All Penhaligon’s deodorants are also aluminium and paraben free, and if they’re good enough for the pits of Charles and Philip, they’re good enough for yours too.

BUY $40

Rexona Mens 48Hr

There are only a couple of brands you should ever really consider buying from the supermarket, and Rexona are of course at the top of the list. Their scents are relatively fresh and timeless compared to some other supermarket brands, and they also have the distinct advantage of making an anti-perspirant that genuinely stops you from sweating. You may as well be spraying magic onto your armpits with how well it works.

BUY $7

Adidas 6 in 1 Cool & Dry 48hr

The other supermarket brand we’d recommend, Adidas anti-perspirant has stood the test of time where other everyday deodorant brands have fallen into obscurity. Their scents generally smell sporty and fresh, while their 6 in 1 option is also anti-bacterial to not only stop sweat, but stop BO from occurring when you do inevitably start perspiring.

BUY $5

Molton Brown Recharge Black Pepper

One of the first men’s grooming brands to really take the dive into deodorants, Molton Brown did it properly by using a proper anti-perspirant in their formulation. This is combined with andiroba tree oil to help condition the skin it’s being placed on, while their black pepper scent also gives off notes of coriander, patchouli and bergamot. Your pits will never have seen such luxury.

BUY $29

Baxter Of California Deodorant

One of the chief problems of buying supermarket brand deodorants is the inclusion of aluminium in their formulas, something that’s been heavily linked to causing cancer. Baxter of California Deodorant gets around this, forgoing a normal antiperspirant for naturally detoxifying ingredients that don’t stop you from sweating, but help to neutralise the odour-causing bacteria that guys all dread. This is achieved through natural tea tree and witch hazel extracts, while comfy, yarrow and chamomile extracts take care of the skin underneath, leaving a citrus-y, herbal scent.

BUY $32

Lynx Signature Anti-Marks 48hr Protection

Lynx has grown up but still remains as accessible to men as ever. For a no-nonsense approach to keeping those threads free of unsightly sweat stains, you can’t go past their Signature 48hr antiperspirant which comes with a subtle woody scent blended with smooth elements of mandarin, pepper and vanilla. It’s a no-brainer if you need the job done fast without the fuss.

BUY $6

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