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Best Men's Moisturisers To Keep You Younger For Longer

The benefits of using the right moisturiser

As men, we can often underestimate the daily strain we place on our facial skin. Whether we’re pulling razors across our jawlines, soaking up a bit of evening sun or tackling an early morning after a late-night, staving away the effects of dryness with a good moisturiser is imperative if you want to stay looking fresh and hydrated.

To truly get the most out of your daily moisturiser, you’ll need to understand a little about which category your skin falls into to get the best results. In general, there are four – oily, dry, sensitive and normal. Oily skin tends to be shiny or greasy whilst dry skin can be rough and flaky in places. Sensitive skin reacts badly to chemicals and scents, and normal skin should show less visible signs of dehydration, whilst responding positively to a broader range of ingredients.

Choosing the right type of product for your skin has a positive effect on both your immediate and long term appearance, so you’ll want to invest in quality over quantity at all times. Here we’ll look at some of the best men’s moisturisers on the market at the moment, what makes them stand out from the rest, and why spending a few extra dollars on superior products makes more sense.

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