Best Exercises To Improve Sex Life

Before you go all 'retail therapy' on your inadequacies, try improving your bedtime romps naturally.

Best Exercises To Improve Sex Life

When it comes to bedroom performance men can be reticent to admit anything is in need of improvement. But statistics don’t care about your ego: 52% of men experience erectile dysfunction and 30% experience premature ejaculation.

Scientists and pharmaceutical companies, on the other hand, do care about your ego, because they want to sell you a bunch of products. However, before you go stressing about your inadequacies, one James Cook University study has found a way for you to improve your bedtime romps naturally.

This involves a targeted pelvic workout which The Brisbane Times reports, “Could lift more than your spirits.” Essentially, men need to practice “drawing up” their testicles, which—if done in a regular, targeted manner—can help build muscle strength and manage sexual dysfunction.

The simple pelvic floor exercise then (hopefully) translates into hanky panky success by strengthening and engaging the muscle responsible for building and keeping penile rigidity.

Still not sure which muscles we mean? Stop urinating mid-flow and see what hurts to hell. Or don’t. Anyway, now you know what we mean, think about this: Mr Myers, a JCU physiotherapy lecturer told The Brisbane Times these exercises are no joke.

“Patient cure rates were as high as 47 per cent for ED and 83 per cent for PE.”

As you were, gentleman. Or, as they say, the more you know…

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