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18 Best Pocket Knifes For Men Of Adventure

Adventure starts with owning the best pocket knife...

18 Best Pocket Knifes For Men Of Adventure

There’s nothing quite like having a pocket knife to hand if you’re someone who enjoys the great outdoors – whether it be a spot of fishing or moving livestock around the ranch. A good, multipurpose pocket knife is an accessory that the modern man just shouldn’t be without and here we are going to look at exactly why – whilst showing you the best pocket knife brands around today.

How to choose your the best pocket knife for you

Getting the right pocket knife for your daily or casual needs is essential. There are plenty of price points, designs and styles depending on where and why you need them. Are you going to be using your pocket knife somewhere where it will need to access super quick, or tucked away in your top pocket when traversing the wilderness? These factors might determine whether you need a fast opening mechanism or something easier to fold away and store.

Different types of pocket knives

Here we take a look at a few different designs for cool pocket knives that you might want to consider before making your first purchase.

Locking Mechanism Pocket Knife

A locking mechanism pocket knife has a type of pin that stops it from closing onto your fingers when in use. It’s a classic American design made for everyday carry and can be used for a variety of situations. It folds, meaning that it can be easily stored, but the lock ensure maximum safety when in use. There are stainless steel blade options that come with aluminium or fibreglass handles depending on your preference.

EDC Folding Pocket Knife

A standard folding pocket knife can be opened and closed with your fingers and doesn’t usually feature a lock. These are handy if you just need something around occasionally that doesn’t require quick and urgent access. Swiss Army knives are a good example of a type of EDC, but if you’re using them for something a little more rigorous there is a risk the blade can close when you don’t want it to. The good thing about these knives also is that when they are folded in your pocket you don’t need to worry about blade exposure.

Drop Point Pocket Knife

If you aim to be doing some real cutting, skinning or carving, then the Drop Point pocket knife is an ideal option. The drop point blade is particularly thicker and is a favourite for hunters and those who like to whittle wood for camping or hunting tools. They are typically a little more expensive than other pocket knives, but that’s because they are made to last and serve you well over time.

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