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15 Best Shoes For Standing All Day – That Your Feet Will Thank You For

Stand all day comfortably with these men's shoes.

15 Best Shoes For Standing All Day – That Your Feet Will Thank You For

Yes, you read that headline correctly, there are indeed shoes that are the best for standing all day. Obviously, you will require all shoes you own to be great for standing all day, but some provide more comfort than others.

Why Suitable ‘Standing Shoes’ Are Important:

We all find ourselves standing on our feet all day at some point during the week; whether you need to be on your feet for work, or you’re ferrying your kids around on the weekend, it’s inevitable.

But standing all day can be exhausting. Especially, if you’re not wearing comfortable shoes that’ll protect you from blisters, shin splints, and joint pain.

But it’s not just blisters you should be worried about… Studies show that standing for longer than five hours a day, can contribute to an array of prolonged conditions, such as muscle fatigue in the lower limbs, and long-term back pains.

However, if you have to stand for long periods, and you’re starting to panic, we’re here to tell you: you can prevent the amount of damage done to your body by making sure your feet and ankles are properly supported. How? You need the correct pair of shoes.

Features of Good Shoes For Standing Or Working Long Hours:

You likely already own a pair of running shoes and potentially even some walking shoes, and these should be fine for standing all day too. However, the shoes we’ve picked out below offer the best of everything.

Shoes for standing that’ll prevent damage, both short-term and long-term, typically have similar features. You want a shoe that is non-slip or slip-resistant, with memory foam, a rubber outsole, a soft footbed, cushioning in the heel, arch support, shock-absorbent, and breathable lining.

Therefore, you must consider exactly what you’re after in terms of protection, and weigh up any past injuries you may have that need extra support. Ultimately, the best shoes for standing all day will keep your feet cushioned and comfortable.

Check out our guide below and secure yourself some shoes that will have you standing proud all day long.

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