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15 Best Ski Gloves 2022

Keep your hands warm and your grip strong with the best ski gloves for men.

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When you’re shredding some powder, you need to arm yourself with a pair of ski gloves to keep your hands warm and protected.

Gloves for skiing and snowboarding may be considered as an afterthought; however, they should be taken seriously, as numb hands and frozen fingers are no joke. Best case scenario, you’ll be cold and miserable, waiting for the bus to drive you back to the ski resort. Worst scenario… frostbite.

Layering your body with highly insulated, waterproof ski jackets and pants is important, but the same should apply when protecting your hands, and this is where pair of the best ski gloves comes in handy. Whether it be gripping your snow poles to help you to balance as you cruise down the slopes, or even just helping you with overall mobility, a pair of ski gloves is vital for your next snowy adventure, and these are some of the best pairs around.

Ski Gloves FAQs

Are ski gloves waterproof?

Just like most ski and snowboarding accessories, ski gloves can be waterproof. It's usually encouraged for you to purchase waterproof gloves as they will provide extra protection for cold and wet climates. Well-crafted ski gloves typically come with a waterproof and breathable finish to help prevent moisture from creeping in.

How much should I spend on ski gloves?

As we all know, ski apparel can be pricey. For the average recreational skier or snowboarder, you can expect high-quality ski gloves can cost up to $200.

Should ski gloves be tight or loose?

For delivering the best performance, ski gloves should be a snug fit and allow you to make a proper fist with your hand without your fingers feeling restricted. However, if you have leather ski gloves, initially, they may feel a little tight, but don't fret, as it takes a few days for them to break in and stretch.

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