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The Best Ski & Snowboard Goggles On Offer This Winter Season

With the ski season fast approaching, meaning the slopes and fields will soon open, making sure you’re prepped with all the right equipment is paramount. But buying the right ski wear can be intimidating as there are so many pieces to consider, from insulated ski jackets to water-resistant pants – it seems the list is endless. However, one of the most important accessories to contemplate while upgrading your winter wardrobe are ski goggles.

Ensuring you have the appropriate eyewear is essential, as the right pair of goggles can be performance-enhancing and engineered for your safety. You want to make sure you have interchangeable lenses suitable for a variety of weather and lighting conditions. Optics featuring anti-fog and contrast clarity are ideal too. Not to mention lens quality, UV protection, ventilation, and comfortability; all features that also need to be considered.

Ultimately, you want a pair of goggles that are functional, protective, and stylish.

And though the price of a perfect snow season can seem astronomically high, luckily, we’ve carved out a list of brands offering the best ski goggles, some available for modest prices too. Choosing the right set of eyewear doesn’t have to be just technical either. There are so many styles listed, available in all sorts of chromatic colours, you’ll find a pair of googles you like, no matter your taste.

Snowboard and ski goggles FAQs

Are photochromic ski goggles worth it?

Photochromic ski goggles are extremely important when choosing winter eyewear to prevent eye strain by reducing the impact of the sun. The photochromic lens is highly versatile as they adapt to your outdoor surroundings and light conditions. By changing the light intensity with photochromic technology, it provides you with optimal vision, whether it's bright and sunny or gloomy and cloudy.

What ski goggles are the best for night skiing?

For skiing at night, yellow or clear goggles are the most suitable as they allow for 99% visible light to come through, allowing you to see detail and contrast, even in the darkest of lighting. Clear coloured goggles will let the most light in. However, yellow goggles or goggles lightly tinted yellow will allow you to see contrast.

What colour lens is best for ski goggles?

It depends on what the light conditions are. Blue, green, and violet ski goggles are preferable for higher light conditions, specifically blue lenses as they'll reduce glare while you ski or ride. However, yellow, gold, amber, green, or rose coloured lenses all offer increased visible light transmission, perfect for cloudy grey days. Although, darker tints have a lower visible light transmission as less light passes through.

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Listed below, are the best ski and snow goggles on the market; you’re sure to find a pair perfect for you.

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