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Best Trouser & Chino Brands That Will Instantly Polish Any Look For Work & Play

The stylish secret is in the trousers.

Scoring the right pair of pants for work and play isn’t child’s play. With endless choices in size, fit, materials, colours and styles, finding the perfect pair of trousers for your body shape is like finding rare Doritos under your couch. But we digress. A slick pair of trousers can totally transform your wardrobe with little hassle, especially if you’re good at mixing and matching different suit combinations. To get the perfect pair of trousers there are two key factors you need to consider.

The Perfect Trouser Fit

The way the fabric hugs (or doesn’t hug) your body is really crucial. If your trousers don’t fit correctly it wont matter what brand, material or colour the pants are, they’re quite simply going to suck. Ensure that your waist fits in the waist band and that there isn’t too much or too little fabric in the other key areas (glutes, thighs and calves). For most people this shouldn’t be an issue, however if you know you are smaller or larger in some areas bear that in mind when purchasing trousers and pick a fit (slim, straight or skinny) that you know will suit your body shape. If you are really concerned about the fit, simply check the size guide available for most products.

Understand Your Trouser Style

The style of the pants is composed of fit, fabric, colour, pattern. For example, some dark green linen trousers with a drawstring waist will be fantastic for your next tropical get away with sandals, however, they will not fly in the office. Similarly some tapered, woollen navy trousers with side adjustors will look sharp in the board room with a suit, however trying to dress them down with white sneakers could make you look out of place. Try to think about all the aspects of the trousers to see when they would be appropriate to wear. If you’re looking for something that is appropriate for all occasions consider a pair of chinos or any other trouser that has a tapered fit.

Get that right and you’re ready for our selection of killer brands that offer quality trousers for any occasion.


Everlane uses ethical manufacturing processes and high quality materials to produce a multitude of great trousers. They have a transparent pricing structure and take lower profit margins so they can offer high quality clothing at affordable prices.

Everlane The Performance Chino
The Performance Chino $68

J. Crew

J Crew is an American clothing brand that hopes to provide timeless and quality pieces of clothing. Their basic trousers are a testament to this ethos which look great and will last a lifetime.

J. Crew 484 Core Stretch Chinos
484 Core Stretch Chinos $68

Polo Ralph Lauren

Polo Ralph Lauren is a brand that really needs no introduction. Mr Ralph Lauren has recently received a KBE (Knight Commander of the British Empire) for services to fashion which is a testament to his brands contribution to modern mens fashion. PRL offers a range of timeless designs that are heavily influenced by ‘Preppy’ American style. Casual or smart, PRL has trousers to suit your needs.

Polo Ralph Lauren Classic Fit Chino Pants
Classic Fit Chino Pants $85


Bonobos was started by two Stanford Business School students who wanted trousers that looked far better than the traditional ‘Khakis’ available. After lots of trial and error they developed trousers that are comfortable, stretch without looking like yoga pants and look great. They definetely know how to make great pants.

Bonobos Stretch Weekday Warrior Dress Pants
Stretch Weekday Warrior Dress Pants $98

Shon Mott

Shon Mott is a Spainish menswear brand started by two brothers with fabrics central to their products. They offer a range of minimalistic, sleek designs that wouldn’t look amiss anywhere.

Shon Mott Khaki Cotton Stretch Chinos
Khaki Cotton Stretch Chinos $107

Club Monaco

Club Monaco, contrary to the name is a Canadian clothing retailer owned by Ralph Lauren. What is true to the name is the high end nature of their products. Their relaxed styling and great selection of fabrics including linens, cottons and blends is at the height of casual cool. If you’re headed to a warmer destination, but love trousers, look no further.

Club Monaco Beach Pants
Beach Pants $120

L'estrange London

L’estrange London is a brand that is concerned about today’s clothing culture where consumption overpowers longevity and build quality. As a result, they offer trousers that have a timeless look and will last you for years to come.

L'Estrange London Navy 24 Trouser
Navy 24 Trouser $158


Better known for their quality activewear, Rhone, also makes great trousers. Their ‘Commuter’ pants collection combines both modern looks and materials. They will make your work days far more comfortable whilst still looking sharp.

Rhone Commuter Slim Pant
Commuter Slim Pant $190

Salvatore Piccolo

Salvatore Piccolo is another traditional Italian menswear brand. They focus on more traditional silhouettes featuring design details like straight cuts and pleats on the front of the trousers. Made from high quality Italian fabrics, using classical methods, these trousers will keep you looking ultra sharp.

Salvatore Piccolo Beige Cotton Trousers
Beige Cotton Trousers $205


G-Star has been making high quality denim clothing for decades and aims to keep their designs at the forefront of fashion. Their trousers are no different and they offer a broad range of styles that look great and are affordable.

G-Star Raw Bronson Service Straight Tapered Pant
Bronson Service Straight Tapered Pant $220

Todd Snyder

Based in New York, Todd Snyder is both a man and a fashion label. Before starting his own company, Snyder worked at Polo Ralph Lauren, Gap inc and J.Crew. This experience has enabled him to bring all of the qualities of big band names into his own, smaller brand whilst maintaining a focus on quality, craftsmanship and cutting edge designs.

Todd Snyder White Label Linen Sutton Suit Trouser in Navy
Linen Sutton Suit Trouser in Navy $228

Frescobol Carioca

Frescobol Carioca is a Brazilian menswear firm that create gorgeous ‘resort’ style wear. Heavily influenced by Brazil and it’s climate you wouldn’t think they have the knack for trousers, but their cool, nonchalant style is carried through.

Frescobol Carioca Tailored Linen Chinos
Tailored Linen Chinos $345

Orlebar Brown

Originally famous for their ultra luxe swimwear, Orlebar Brown also makes a great range of trousers. Known for their chrome finished ‘side adjustors’ Orlebar Brown carries the same super luxe ethos to trousers which would all look great on a superyacht of your choosing.

Orlebar Brown Griffon Linen
Griffon Linen $360


Incotex was founded as part of the Slowear group in 1951. They are pretty much known for their awesome trousers. They work with specialist factories across Italy that are dedicated to creating each part of your wardrobe, from shirts and trousers to knitwear and jackets.

Incotex Slim-Fit Garment Dyed Stretch Cotton Moleskin Trousers
Slim-Fit Garment-Dyed Stretch-Cotton Moleskin Trousers $435

New & Lingwood

New & Lingwood is a British menswear atelier that has been operating out of London’s Jermyn street since 1865. They’re traditional British designs that are available in a range of classical and modern fabrics. They’re trousers are very smart and will help you look extra suave at your next ‘smart-casual’ function.

New & Lingwood Olive Linen 'Cowdray' Trousers
Olive Linen ‘Cowdray’ Trousers $545

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