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50 Watch Brands That Every Man Needs To Know

No matter how far we come in technology, the mechanical movements of a timeless wristwatch will always be a fascinating work of art. An art that has been fine-tuned and perfected over centuries of passionate innovation, refined craftsmanship and relentless dedication.

Horologists who have carried on the spirit of human ingenuity, leaving us with precious heirlooms of the past. The luxury watch signifies a gentleman’s appreciation for style, class, but most importantly, for tradition.

Are you still fumbling for your smartphone to check the time? Whether you are new to the wonderful world of watches, or a prominent collector of timepieces, these are 55 watch brands that you need to know.


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Made for the adventurous man

Based out of Geneve, Switzerland, Alpina watches are made for the man of adventure. Specialising in sports watches, an Alpina watch can be found on the wrists of divers, skiers and climbers alike. These watches are built to withstand even the most demanding elements of nature. Strap into their feature watches, such as the first Horological Smartwatch.

A watch which adventurers like Borge Ousland are wearing while they cross the North and South Poles, unsupported. We’ve also got our eyes on the Alpiner 4 and Seastrong Diver 300 for watches that endure a rugged lifestyle while looking luxe at the same time.

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Audemars Piguet


A name built on avant-garde craftsmanship

Watchmakers across the globe know when they’ve come across an Audemars Piguet perpetual calendar watch. A highly regarded Swiss brand, AP is known for their aesthetically pleasing, explicitly technical, and sonorous luxury timepieces.

Inspired by celestial bodies, the Royal Oak conceptual wristwatch line integrates lunar phases alongside a traditional calendar. Classic gentleman can experience AP’s Classique pocket watch, or indulge in the simple elegance of a Jules Audemars model. Every hand-wound watch, a masterpiece. Emulating technical designs unmastered by competing engineers. Built on avant-garde craftsmanship, AP stands by their saying “to break the rules, you must first master them”.

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A. Lange & Söhne


Each movement is crafted with aesthetic precision.

German luxury watchmakers A. Lange & Söhne craft their timepieces with one objective in mind, technical perfection. Every movement crafted with aesthetic precision. True traditional timepieces, showcasing engraved balance cocks, gold chatons and untreated German silver plates. Known for their complicated watches, Lange incorporates split-seconds chronographs as well as perpetual calendars into these timeless pieces.


The GRAND LANGE 1, redesigned for elegant proportions and balanced dial layouts. A classic styled wristwatch for a classic gentleman. For a more technical looking watch, explore the added mechanical features of the Tourbillon Perpetual Calendar Handwerkskunst.

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Arnold & Son has produced prestigious timepieces for over 250 years

With deep roots in English horology, Arnold & Son has produced prestigious timepieces for over 250 years. A company built on technical expertise, John Arnold constructed the first of his timepieces with a goal in mind of finding longitude at sea. Upon their global re-emergence in 1998, the British timekeepers have continued to innovate under the same technical guidelines as John Arnold himself.

Using only the finest materials, Arnold & Son has released groundbreaking timepieces, such as a Deck Marine Timekeeper, a triple-time-zone watch and a Longitude Timekeeper. Experience classical elegance by sliding on a wristwatch from the Royal collection, a series of pieces that uphold technical brilliance with a modern styling for men and women.

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Baume & Mercier


Baume et Mercier began developing Swiss luxury watches for functionality and sport

Founded in 1830, Baume et Mercier began developing Swiss luxury watches for functionality and sport. After World War 1, they became increasingly popular for their wristwatches performance over traditional pocket watches.

Using this as a catalyst, the company launched themselves amongst the contemporary and innovative workings of craftsmanship, resulting in the prestige watchmakers they are today. Watchmakers that set themselves apart from the rest with their timeless collections like the Capeland, Classima and the Linea. An everyday wristwatch for a man who appreciates contemporary style with classical watchmaking finishes.

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Bell & Ross


A reflection exquisite French engineering

Up to 350 select pieces go into the production of a single Bell & Ross wristwatch, a reflection exquisite French engineering. These luxury watches defy conventionality, a timepiece for those with only the most adventurous lifestyles.

Originally designed for pilots, astronauts, and divers, a Bell & Ross watch can withstand extreme conditions, while maintaining unparalleled functionality. A GMT line for the luxury traveler, a Vintage line for a man of authority, a high tech collection for the risk-taker. Each timepiece has a purpose, each purpose…a meaning.


In a life full of unpredictable measures, keep a Bell & Ross on your wrist and know that you are guided by mechanical excellence, sleek styling and unmatched precision.  

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A classical element amongst endless innovation

Every Blancpain timepiece over the past 250 years assumes an integrated, classical element amongst endless innovation. For 13 generations, these Swiss watchmakers exceed brilliance in their devotion to crafting prestigious mechanical timepieces.

With a limited yearly production, each piece upholds to the selective standards of luxury. Sheer elegance. A story which unfolds through their top collections: the Ref. 1106, the Fifty Fathoms and the 1735. Collections which showcase centuries of contemporary innovation while holding on to the traditional mechanical design of their first luxury timepieces.

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Designed for functional aviation

Traditionally designed for functional aviation, Breitling’s iconic chronometers have become a status quo for those who express a lifestyle of luxury fashion. Whether upon a gentleman or his lady, a large dial, Swiss Breitling watch shows onlookers nothing less than pure appreciation for opulence.

Don’t fall short to the quartz models, for Breitling offers Titanium and Gold pieces with diamond encrusted elements. Explore their ageless collections, like the Navitimer, or SuperOcean GMT. For prestigious exclusivity, Breitling offers the Bentley series. An expression of the relentless functionality of two high-powered companies, through a one-of-the-kind wristwatch, just for you.

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Breguet timepieces tell a story of ancient aristocracy

A window into Europe’s dense, historical culture, a Breguet timepiece tells a story of ancient aristocracy, timeless romance and classical elegance. A story told by Louis XVI, the First Republic and most notoriously, Napoleon. Many of Europe’s great leaders have worn nothing less than a Breguet watch throughout their leadership.

The tourbillon, a piece now seen throughout luxury wristwatches, was invented by Breguet in France centuries ago. Classically known for their secret authenticity engravings, modern Breguet watches boast guilloche silver dials, reeded edges and the Breguet signature. For an everyday wrist watch, check out the “Transatlantique” or “Marine” lines. As a collector, dive into the historical relevance their classical collections and become apart of Europe’s intriguing past.


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Accuracy under adverse conditions

Innovation and creativity for wristwatches that provide “Accuracy Under Adverse Conditions” is the known sentiment for Ball watches. These high-end watchmakers integrate a micro gas light technology into each engineered watch, to ensure an prominently lit screen for 25 years.

With a -40 degree Celsius temperature rating and 7,5000 G force shock resistance capability, a Ball wristwatch meets the needs of those with a rugged lifestyle. Trainmasters, firemen and engineers have an ode to their own, specialised collections by Ball watches. Where durability meets boutique styling, every gentleman should have at least one Ball timepiece amongst their timeless collection.

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A display of fine English watchmaking

With a passion for vintage aircraft and mechanical workings, two British brothers set out to develop an understated, yet highly refined pilot’s watch. Not just any old pilot’s watch though, a beautifully crafted, aviation chronometer rooted in precision and functionality. Anyone fascinated by the mystery of mechanic and the correlation of flight to chronometer will be captured by the Bremont design.

Within their short industry presence, they’ve collaborated with partners Martin-Baker, Jaguar and most notably, Boeing. Embark on the journeys past with their original collection, the ALT1-C Classic Chronometers. A display of great English watchmaking for a classic gentleman to sport in casual or upscale settings.

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Bulova is putting American watchmakers on the map

Putting American watchmakers on the map, Bulova was established in New York City in the late 1800’s. Since then, these innovative watchmakers have been known to buck the trend of firsts throughout the industry. The Accutron, a classic wristwatch with an innovative tuning fork and contemporary quartz movement.

The CURV model, a piece that set the mark for curved chronograph movements in wristwatches, while maintaining precision and functionality. An official timepiece partner of the GRAMMY’s, Bulova has designed specialized, high-class products exclusively for red carpet and promotional events that are available for buying today.

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01-drive-de-cartier-flying-tourbillon-watch-18-carat-pink-goldBased out of Paris, Cartier upholds a reputable role of delivering luxury watches and jewels across the globe. When you slide on a Cartier timepiece, you slide into journey of traditional elegance, understated by innovative watchmaking.

A category of their own, Cartier designs chronographs which redefine temperament and precision, with special regards to aesthetic. Tell us, what drives you? The collection, Drive de Cartier, stands boldly alongside their exclusive cushion-shaped casing. A true landmark among the industry of luxury watchmakers.

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CASIO has a specialised watch for any type of lifestyle

CASIO has a specialised watch for any type of lifestyle. From their Pro Trek Smart Outdoor Watch, to a classical 3-Hand Analog style, a gentleman can take to the likings of CASIO’s extensive collections. For a high-end, durable timepiece from these Japanese watchmakers, check out the G-Shock series.

A solar powered, water and shock resistant wristwatch which can withstand the adverse conditions of those with an adventurous lifestyle. The G-Shock’s became most popular for their bold, hyper-militaristic design with functionality to match.

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Setting the Swiss standards for excellence and ingenuity

Setting the Swiss standards for excellence and ingenuity, Chopard has stood the test of time for over 143 years. After uniting under jeweler Karl Scheufele, the company flourished, incorporating handpicked stones and jewels into Louis-Ulysses Chopard’s traditional chronometers.

You’ll find Chopard watches rightfully where they belong, locked in place around the wrists of famous celebrities and members of the affluent classes. Elton John, Mille Miglia and the Cannes International Film Festival are notable partners of Chopard timepieces. From their world-famous Happy Diamonds collection to the elegantly refined L.U.C. series, Chopard has continued to shatter the watchmaking industry with innovation, precision and luxurious brilliance.

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corum-acCorum is the pinnacle for unapologetically progressive timepieces, a constant innovation off traditional Swiss watchmaking. Beginning with the $20 Liberty Eagle watch, Corum has continued to pioneer architectural timepieces which has brought them classical recognition along a mere 60 years of existence.


Although a young company, the core values of mechanics and tradition emulate through their works. These values are reflected in their timeless collections, such as the Admiral’s Cup, Romulus, Bridges, and the prestigious, Limelight.

“To create is to construct, and to construct is to live”

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A must have wristwatch for the jet setting gentleman

Welcome to the Edox universe, a timeless space of contemporary chronographs, luxury sporting instruments and artisanal watches. A space where skilled watchmakers constructed the first Geoscope timepiece. The Geoscope is known for it’s ability to cover every world time zones while keeping time for 50 major global cities.

A must have wristwatch for the jet setting gentleman. “Les Bemonts Ultra Slim”, Edox’s record breaking collection boasting the thinnest calendar watch to date. Cutting edge, yet stylish designs keep these watchmakers busy, pairing up as timekeepers for high-class offshore races, Class 1 Powerboat Championships and WRC rally drivers.

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An original player of traditional Swiss watchmakers

An original player of traditional Swiss watchmakers, Eterna spent the earlier days of their career revolutionising the industry. From designing the first integrated alarm system, to the clever ball-bearing-mounted rotor, Eterna continues to solve watchmakers challenges. These pioneers utilise an automatic in-house caliber 3030, with signature big date function and iconic slim design amongst their distinctive watch collections. The 1856 Skeleton, the Super Kontiki Chronograph and the Heritage collections are on our list for wristwatches with classical creativity and mechanical excellence.

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Franck Muller


Franck Muller has made his place among global luxury watchmakers

From a tinkering top-quality watch repairman to the world-renowned Master of Complications, Franck Muller has made his place among global luxury watchmakers, and he’s staying there. Each year, Franck Muller releases one new timepiece collection, known as the “World Premiere”. This means that each and every year, the team of Swiss horologists that make up Franck Mueller must stay on their feet. Not an innovative moment missed, for oversight would disrupt the brands dense, yet rewarding heritage. A heritage that has lead the industry with key timepiece models, such as: the Master Banker, Revolution3, Colour Dreams, and Crazy Hours.    

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Frederique Constant


Timeless elegance and flawless detail, a watch designed by Frederique Constant reflects their passion for luxury. Based in the heart of Swiss watch culture, FC embodies the essence of mechanical precision with modern elements. Developing the first silicone escapement wheel, these watchmakers have been able to lighten the load for your convenience, all while withholding to their core philosophy and values. This core philosophy allowed them to develop a classically designed, activity tracking horological smartwatch. Where cloud storage, activity tracking and a world timer make this timepiece of first-class nature. For a fashionable piece without the tech side, we recommend the bold, fashion-forward collections of Vintage Rally and Runabout.

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Girard Perregaux


High-end watchmakers Girard-Perregaux have been producing Swiss haute horological watches since 1791. Deeply rooted in craftsmanship, their timepieces are bold in design, classically refined and emulate a luxurious aesthetic unmatched by traditional watchmakers. Over the years, Girard-Perregaux has helped revolutionize the industry with their high frequency mechanic movements and speciality tourbillons. Highly recognized, their tourbillon with three gold bridges became emblematic for the company, celebrating the model’s redesign multiple times since patented in 1884. Other core models of this luxury brand are the Vintage 1945, the Girard-Perregaux 1933, Laureato Evo^3 and

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Glashütte Original


Glashutte Original dates back to the mid-nineteenth century, in an area of Germany celebrated for their brilliant watch craftsmanship. This area, known as the Glashutte region, maintained their integrity for luxury watches, even after the damaging wars of the 20th century. Each timepiece exemplifies their passion for traditional timekeeping, with a twist of contemporary design. At the core of this design lies an extraordinary caliber. This caliber takes roughly 300 working hours to create, and is at the heart of every Glashutte Original watch. Screw mounted gold chatons, swan-neck regulators and hand engravings are a few of the many elements that construct these timeless masterpieces. 20th Century Vintage, Senator, Pano and Art & Technik are the top collections for those who want a luxury wristwatch, or a family heirloom to be passed down your own generational line.

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Collectors and enthusiasts alike can spot a Graham chronograph from a mile away. One of a kind timepieces, a Graham watch is characterized by their large, eye-catching design with luminous elements and thick rubber straps. These are the only, true deep sea diving watches for professional divers. The construction allows them to withstand underwater pressure, resist tearing and keep time effortlessly. On land, Graham offers a variety of styles which incorporate luxurious elements like diamonds, silver and color bracelets. Notable to Graham is the Tourbillograph collection, a beautiful variety of luxury timepieces with black, gold, silver and chrome. A robust touch of elegance for any occasion, and a sheer way to captivate your audience.

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Greubel Forsey


In 2004, Greubel Forsey launched their first high-end, Swiss wristwatch. Upon endless innovation, this new company devised the first double tourbillon 30 degree, a keynote piece made exclusively for their watches. Their claim, when one tourbillon rotates inside another, they average out, which reduces gravitational errors that can be found amongst competing timepieces. Precision at it’s finest. The Greubel Forsey GMT, a featured complication using the finest golds, platinum and anthracite materials. Premiere models Tourbillon 24 Secondes Contemporain and Double Balancier 35, premier excellence in timepiece production. Sport one of these sophisticated timepieces by Greubel Forsey at formal outings, casual events or an addition to your ever-growing collection.

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Under the corporate umbrella of Swatch Group, Hamilton is a brand that marries the American spirit with traditional Swiss precision. From the first electric watch to LED time displays, Hamilton has periodically pushed the boundaries of traditional watchmaking. Revolutionary designs complemented by distinctive features, a Hamilton wristwatch represents traditional American horology. You can find a Hamilton watch on the wrists of Hollywood stars, such as Channing Tatum, Matthew McConaughey and Matt Damon. We prefer the classic design of the Ventura Collection, or the Hamilton Khaki Pilot Day Date.

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After their groundbreaking release of the Big Bang Red Gold, Hublot has relentlessly made their way to the top. Along the way, they’ve amassed accolades such as, “Best Oversized Watch”, “Sports Watch Prize” and “2005 Design Prize”. A fusion of classical horology and contemporary masculinity, Hublot holds true value among their luxury watches for men. They’ve become global timekeepers for NBA teams, ski championships and FIFA World Cups. Their Hublot Oceanographic 4000 King Gold White has passed water resistance tests of up to 5000m, a necessity for deep sea divers. Hublot’s more luxurious, best-selling Big Bang collection boasts gold encasement, sapphire crystal glass and automatic movements. Wearing a Hublot timepiece showcases opulence, innovation and appreciation for the workings of modern horology.


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H. Moser & Cie


For a glimpse into the foundations of Swiss haute horlogerie, seek no further than H. Moser & Cie. Established in 1828, these classical watchmakers began producing their own regulating organs, balance springs and varying elements for pure mechanical excellence. Each luxury timepiece is executed by hand, which is why H. Moser & Cie only manufactures 1,200 watches per year. Elegance, clean-cut design and quality craftsmanship. These watchmakers have released key models such as the Moser Perpetual 1, the Monard and the Mayu. In 2006, the Perpetual 1 was presented with the most prestigious title in the Swiss watch industry, the Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Geneva, category “Best complication”.

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HYT, the “Hydro Mechanical Horologists”, introduced exemplary technology into the world of Swiss watchmaking. Unmatched by their rivals, these timekeeping pioneers disregard the traditional with their luxury fluidics and illuminations. HYT watches feature hours that are displayed by fluid circulating a tube around the watch face. At the Geneva Watchmaking Gran Prix 2012, their brand was awarded the “Best Innovative Watch”, an attribute of respect in the industry. Any collection of HYT is guaranteed to spark your interests in the linear fluid revolution. For us, the H1 and H3 collections provide a favourable glimpse into the future of Swiss horology.

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International Watch Co. Schaffhausen holds a unique position amongst original horologist. From 1868 until the present day, IWC continues to develop high-quality, technically demanding timepieces out of Switzerland, releasing landmark complications throughout the years including the first titanium chronograph, titanium dive watch and a Porsche Design collaboration. As magnificent bastards, our wrists are calling for the IWC Destriero Snafusa Ruckseite for classical elegance and peculiar design. For secondary favourites, the 2017 Da Vinci collection sports a simple, yet timeless throwback design from the 80s.

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When it comes to developing effective form movements, Jaeger-LeCoultre is an industry leader for luxury watches. Based out of the Vallee de Joux, Switzerland, these watchmakers innovate on the core value of precision movements over casing.

Historical distinctions of LeCoultre are developments such as, the flattest watch movements, or the smallest watch in the world, weighing in at .9 grams. The Reverso Tourbillo is one of their extraordinary timepieces known for flip-over case and art deco design. Since ’31, the Reverso collections have become nearly half of the brands production.

Known for their exquisite complications, the Duometre a Chronographe was chosen “Watch of the Year” in 2008, an honourary mention by famous German editorial Armanbanduhren.

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Beginning as an affordable watch manufacturer in the early 1900’s, the structure of Junghans radically changed in 2000. Rebranding under the pillars of “Tradition, Innovation and Continuity”, they released a series of wristwatches with newly finished movements, complementing a timeless design we know now as the “Creator” collection.

A later model, the Junghans wristwatch designed by Max Bill, became a popular timepiece rooted in Haute Horlogerie. Modern men embracing classicalism at it’s finest. On their 150th Anniversary, the brand released a limited edition “Meister Chronoscope”, reinstating their prestigious presence in the industry as an innovative leader.

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Embodying the pioneer spirit of Daniel Jeanrichards, the re-release of the brands dynamic collection in 2012 was aimed for the man of adventure. Discovery, travel and the art of living emulate the values behind these unique timepieces. Take a step back in time with the brands 1681 self-winding watch, sporting straps made from calf, ostrich and alligator skins. A zenith for durability and functionality. The company utilizes in-house manufactured movement exclusively for their watch models JR 1000, JR 10RJ and JR 1010. Other remarkable timepieces by Jean Richard lie amongst their Bressel and TV Screen collections.  

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Rooted in the style of Saint-Imier, Longines has been developing legendary timepieces since 1832. In their pursuit to revolutionize time keeping, the company teamed up with aviator Charles A. Lindbergh to create a watch which determined longitude with ease. A special watch where the hour angle from Greenwich could be read instantly by a rotating auxiliary dial. On their 60th anniversary, Longines re-released this timepiece with a viewable movement window, as well as a chronograph variant. For a timeless and refined look, discover the Longines Master and Conquest Classic collections.

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Maurice Lacroix


Maurice Lacroix holds a reputable position amongst Swiss luxury watchmakers for their introduction of numerous manufacture movements, including heritage and automatic. As the brand grew, they acquired in-house case maker, Queloz S.A., a unique element compared to competing companies. Popularity soared after the release of their high end line “Les Mecaniques”, now known as the “Masterpiece” collection. In collaborating with Andreas Strehler, Maurice Lacroix released the chronograph calibre ML106. A prestigious timepiece, allowing them the claim of manufacture status. The Memoire 1, an extraordinary chronograph, features the experimental “memory function”. Boasting a world of complications and innovations, this piece is only owned by a select amount of individuals.

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MB & F


Maximilian Busser & Friends are true innovators, shattering all ideas of what a timepiece should be. More than wristwatches, these Horological Machines boast eclectic and unusual shapes and forms. Premier avant-garde craftsmanship. An MB&F wrist machine will turn heads with their renowned style, guaranteed. The company does indeed produce a less intrusive timepiece with their Legacy Machine. But don’t be fooled, for these designs represent the Swiss watchmakers dedication to elegant complications. Look but don’t touch, for their Performance Art pieces are limited and used to showcase the company’s ground-breaking innovations. The HM1 Red Gold and HM3 Starcruiser are the top contenders for the wrists of us at D’Marge.


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“OMEGA”, the final state of perfection. A perfection that’s represented these Swiss watchmakers since 1848 with their distinctive designs and precise timekeeping. By developing the co-axial escapement, OMEGA showcased their secret to making long-lasting, quality watches. They’ve expressed their relentless passion for watchmaking by becoming the official timekeepers of the Olympics, NASA and James Bond films.

The classic OMEGA Constellation utilises the brands first automatic chronometer, which set the standard for future models. Experience the classically elegant design of the brand’s De Ville series, or fulfil your inner James Bond with a model from the Seamaster collection. Discover the finest manufacture movements and imperative innovations that keep OMEGA on top of the game with one of their select models today.

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As traditional Swiss mechanical watchmakers, ORIS continues to hold on to their classical values in the face of modern wristwatches. Using professional guillocheurs, the brand reflects these values through elegant refinement, ageless architecture and captivating designs. To meet the needs of aviation professionals, ORIS developed the benchmark model, Big Crown. A specialised, oversized timepiece capable of pilot operation with leather gloves. In the 90’s, ORIS underwent a change, focusing on masculine sports watches for motor sports, aviation, diving and luxury culture. This revitalisation is seen through their innovative models like the Williams F1 Team Skeleton Engine Date, the Artelier Worldtimer, or the TT1 Meistertaucher.  

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panerai_radiomir_1940_oro_blancopanerai_radiomir_1940_oro_blancoItalian precision engineers Panerai are known for their legendary nautical instruments and watches. Over the years, the brand has produced prestigious and functional equipment for the Royal Italian Navy, including watches, aiming devices, depth gauges and mechanical calculators. What sets Panerai from other watchmakers is the use of “Radiomir”, a luminous substance which allows their pieces to be read in water and low-light settings.

After being acquired by luxury goods powerhouse Richemont, Panerai became a leader in the sports luxury watch industry. Landmark designs like the Luminar Submersible and the Radiomir Tourbillon GMT provide credibility to the excellence of their craftsmanship. Be sure to check out their 2017 special edition Lab-ID Luminor 1950 Carbotech for a modern, sleek and luxurious wristwatch worn by gentlemen under any circumstance.  


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Ingenuity, precision and a whole lot of acquisitions have come together to create the company Parmigiani is today. After becoming an in-house manufacturer, the brand began to dominate the luxury watch industry with complications, movements and cooperations. Most notably, the Bugatti calibre represents the sheer brilliance of their craft engineering. Reflecting a car gear, this innovative design boasts a transversal arrangement with eclectic construction. Expensive, limited, and a horological rarity. A year later, the brand released the first watch made from palladium 950, being first in the industry to manipulate such a precious metal. The most defiant models of Parmigiani lie in the collections of Toric, Kalpa and more specifically, the Bugatti Type 370.

Patek Philippe


A timepiece crafted by Patek Philippe depicts a story of timeless innovation. Being a leader of significant inventions since 1845, the company owns over 70 patents related to fine watchmaking. From modern crown winding to the annual calendar, the succeeding complications allowed Patek Philippe timepieces to be recognised as horological masterpieces. In 1989, the brand finished developing the Calibre 89, a design with 1728 components and 33 complications. 2002, a Patek Philippe wristwatch was auctioned off for 6.5 million Swiss Francs, the most expensive in history. For their 175th anniversary in 2014, the company released the a series of complicated watches engineered by their innovative team. Opulent, elegant and ageless. The decorative workings of a Patek Philippe timepiece radiates through their dynamic models, the World Time Moon, the Multi-Scale Chronograph and the Chiming Jump Hour.



Improvements and advancements are what gets you ahead of competing Swiss watchmakers. For Piaget, their mastery in extra-flat watch movements characterised their distinctive timepiece stylings. A major player in the luxury watch industry, Piaget has become one of the highest priced brands in the market. For the gentlemen of elegance, indulge in the Piaget Altiplano. A refined design, characterised by ultra-thin manual winding and simple dial. Looking for a luxe watch with edge?

The Emperador model with their square and rectangular shapes have got you covered. The Upstream model by Piaget boasts a folding clasp and self-winding calibre, an element that sparked a buzz throughout the community.  

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At the crossroads of modern alchemy and traditional watchmaking, you’ll find a high-end Rado watch. These Swiss manufacturers are highly-recognised for their use of unique hard metals and “high tech ceramics”. In the average Rado watch, you can discover the timeless elements of tungsten, titanium carbide, lanthanum and sapphire crystal. Their refined colour palettes embody a sleek yet robust design complemented by matte and metallic surfaces. The brands innovation was recognised by the Guinness Book of World Records for the hardest watch on earth, the V10K. We recommend the complications of the Centrix collections, or the minimalist designs with the True Thinlines. Other extraordinary models are the swipe-friendly Esenza Touch and the travellers HyperChrome Dual Timer wristwatch.



Ranked the 64th most powerful global brand by Forbes, Rolex is the largest luxury watch brand in the world. Seeped in heritage, Rolex consistently innovated off the classics, earning them a plethora of “firsts” in the industry. Their accolades include the first automatic changing date and day on-dial, first to display two time zones at once and the first chronometer to be certified as a wristwatch. The brand has developed watches for rough terrain and extreme sports, including famous Mount Everest expeditions and polar exploration. Counterfeits are everywhere. Ensure you are purchasing your Rolex from an official retailer when you decide to buy. Well-appointed models of Rolex are the Daytona, Cellini Date, the Yacht-Master 40, Submariner and the Datejust Oyster.

Roger Dubuis


Sometimes mastering the art of horology doesn’t have to take a century to pursue. For Roger Dubuis, old world knowledge was expressed through their luxury watches since day one in 1995. An unusual marriage between avant-garde designs and mechanical expertise with exceptional caliber’s, handcrafted by the finest watchmakers in Geneva, Switzerland. Roger Dubuis has given the industry flawless masterpieces like the Excalibur line.

A line characterised by bold appearances, intricate mechanisms and architectural brilliance. The Velvet line, where precision timekeeping is expressed through elegance and precious stones. On your journey, explore the inner workings of the Hommage Double Flying Tourbillon for a true expression of the finest horological pursuits Roger Dubuis has conquered.

Richard Mille


The master of experimental designs, Frenchman Richard Mille continues to shatter the notions of traditional horology with his timepieces. Sophisticated complications and avant-garde craftsmanship trademark the brand, which released the baffling luxury model RM 012.

A timepiece contain a stunning platinum tourbillon, vivid transparency and tubular movement composition…talk about complexity. After awarded the prestigious “Golden Hand” at the Grand Prix D’horlogerie de Genève 2007, the innovation failed to cease.

Watches characterised by futuristic design, unusual materials and skeleton dials separated a Richard Mille watch from the rest. Watch collectors should own the 004-V2 Split Seconds, the highly-regarded 012, or the RM 018 “Hommage a Boucheron”.




Japanese for precision, SEIKO is an affordable luxury watch which has made it’s place over the years. They are known for their kinetic energy movements, innovation amongst traditional mechanics. The brand has received awards like “Best Mechanical Wristwatch Chronometer” and “IEEE Milestone Award” for their quartz wristwatches, specifically the SEIKO Quartz Astron. Today, they are popular for their SKX781 “Orange Monster”, SKA366 Kinetic Black Ion and SNA411 Flight Alarm Chronograph.

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The story behind Swatch is relevant to the historical nature of Swiss watchmakers, deserving respect for their trendy, cheap watches. During the quartz crisis, Japanese companies began to widely distribute their watches at fractions of the price of a Swiss mechanical watch.

To counteract and reestablish the Swiss watchmaking spirit, Swatch pumped inexpensive, cool watches into the markets. An impressive marketing strategy which lead to over 3.5 million Swatches sold in the first 21 months.

This allowed a comeback for Swiss watchmakers and Swatch to acquire some of the most prestigious brands in Switzerland. Popular Swatch models are the Sistem Fly, Once Again and New Gentleman.

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TAG Heuer


This watch manufacturer began its journey in 1860 out of Saint-Imier, Switzerland. Over the years, they released an unparalleled amount of popular timepieces and movements ranging from chronographs, to stopwatches and more. After being taken over by Louis Vuitton, the company began releasing replica editions of legendary classics like the Carrera, the Monza and the Monaco. In this time, they constructed the Monaco V4, a bold watch with mechanical movements whose workings reflected a power transmission. In 2016, TAG released the Carrera Calibre 5 “Ring Master”, a token of their appreciation for Mohammad Ali at his first official tribute since death. Through innovation and functionality, TAG Heuer has remained a staple amongst luxury and high-end watch enthusiasts.  


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A subsidiary of Rolex, the Swiss brand Tudor offers sophisticated timepieces in the price range below their parent company. Don’t mistaken their price to lack of quality, for Tudor has notably became the more progressive brand of the two. From chronographs, to dive watches and luxury models, Tudor has a timepiece for any style. For a feel of refinement, explore the Classic models with diamond-set or white dials as everyday wear. Looking for distinct features? The Fastrider and Heritage Chronographs will captivate the wrists of those fascinated by technological expertise.

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Ulysse Nardin


Starting out specialising in marine chronometers, Ulysse Nardin has evolved into a highly sought after luxury watch brand. Impeccable mechanical engineering, timeless aesthetics and innovation are key characteristics of their timepieces. They have continued to win over 4,300 awards, as well as hold the highest amount of mechanical patents in watchmaking, a thought leader in the Swiss luxury watch community. Their series of watches are bold, elegant and reliable. Experience sheer excellence with their Marine Annual Calendar Chronometer, the Classico Automatic or one their phenomenal, and utterly inspiring astronomical models.



The Urwerk timepieces are unlike any traditional Swiss watchmaker we’ve seen yet. For these avant-garde watches will have you looking twice with their futuristic design. They are absolutely incredible. Combining nanotechnology with mechanical perfections, Urwerk has pushed the boundaries of watchmaking with their innovation. Every piece, defiant and bold. Their collections are extremely limited and value at 6 figures easily. Notable models are the UR 101, 202, 203 and CC1.

Vacheron Constantin


“Do better if possible, and that is always possible”


The grandfather of Swiss horology, Vacheron Constantin has been manufacturing watches for over 250 years. In those years, they’ve introduced benchmark designs to the industry with everything from perpetual calendars to retrograde displays and skeletonized refinements. In 2005, they released their 250th anniversary watches. Various complications, elegantly designed and valued at nearly 2 million francs, these are more than just timepieces. They are timeless masterpieces from their inner mechanics to outward appearance. Unique appearances which can be seen in their astonishing key models, Homage to The Great Discoverers, Metiers d’Art and Quai de l’Ile.



Victorinox Swiss Army became famous for their high quality military and utility knives, notably in the United States. Riding on the enthusiasm, Victorinox released the no-frills Original wristwatch into the market with many successes. The brand has gone on to manufacture renowned watches for pilots, businessmen, casual and sports utility. The Alliance Chronograph is a clean-cut, high performance watch with reputable mechanics. Their more recent I.N.O.X. collection is a play on titanium for robust designs, lightweight features and unmatched strength. Although not a luxury watch brand, they offer high-quality, stylish watches for all to experience.



Zenith made a name for themselves with the release of “El Primero”, their first automatic chronograph. To this day, the model timepiece is continually produced and regarded by connoisseurs as one of the best chronograph movements. After merging with TAG Heuer, they grew as a Swiss luxury watch brand and supplier of manufacture movements. Their style emulates bold refinements complemented by mechanical complications. For a vintage timepiece, the El Primero Triple Calendar Chronograph is an attractive design. Their Captain Elite Center Seconds 40mm sports a clean, simple and elegant design. An adventurous gentleman may opt for the more robust features of the Type XX GMT.  

General FAQ

What are the best swiss watch brands?

Rolex, Tudor, Breitling, IWC Schaffhausen, OMEGA, Patek Philippe or some of the world's best brands.

Which luxury watch brands hold their value best?

Rolex and Patek Philippe hold their value the best. Audemars Piguet also holds well due to popularity amongst Basketballers and Real Estate Agents.

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