Wine Decanters That Will Add Character To Your Home

Enhance the look of your interior with ten of the best wine decanters going round.

Wine drinking has become somewhat of an art form, and Aussie men are among the most enthusiastic wine connoisseurs in the world. Decanting was once considered a bit formal and super wanky, but education has taught us that wine out of a decanter tastes significantly better than wine straight from the bottle.

With that said it’s time to embrace your wine snobbery and talk about tannins and maturation until the cows come home. We won’t judge. To prove it, DMARGE hit the vineyards and picked the finest decanters for your Riesling, rose’ and Chardonnay. Maybe you’re a Shiraz kind of guy, a merlot guzzler, or a pinot noir snob; whatever your vino habits, we’ve got you covered.

So, have a tipple with us as we break down the best wine decanters on the market right now.

Tom Dixon Tank Decanter


A fine wine, much like a good lover, boasts a long finish, and Tom Dixon knows a thing or two about a long finish. Dixon’s mouth-blown tank decanter is a double entendre enthusiasts dream. Standing 27-cm tall, the stoppered piece is finished with hand-painted copper detailing and would make a fine addition to any gentleman’s bar.

BUY $245

Waterford Crystal Elegance Accent Decanter


Release the tannins and aroma of your favourite bottle with the Crystal Elegance Accent Decanter. Waterford describes the decanter’s curves as ‘undulating’. The sexy tumbler design would suit a sleek dude with classic taste and a healthy wine collection.

BUY $299

Krosno Vinoteca Turn Decanter


On-point Polish artisans have taken to decanter making like a wino to a fermenting grape. The stylishly sculpted decanters are hand-made with classic lines and subdued elegance.

BUY $100

Royal Doulton Wine Decanter


The Royal Doulton Wine Decanter will take pride of place at your next piss-up (aka ‘Wine tasting’ night). Made from 24% lead crystal and standing 36-cm tall, the Royal will hold one litre of your finest vintage with aerating ease.

BUY $200

Riedel Boa Decanter


To celebrate the Chinese Year of the Snake in 2013, Riedel released the Boa to critical acclaim. Mouth-blown using lead crystal, the design’s tight coils are aesthetically striking and functionally fierce, allowing wine to double-decant. Double the decanting – double the goodness.

BUY $800

Centellino Areadivino Wine Aerator & Decanter


Get the perfect pour every time with this aerator and decanter. Decanting 125mL at a time, the Areadivino glass brings bouquets to life and looks damn good doing it thanks to its Italian blown glass construction. Lost your cork? No worries! This nifty decanter doubles as a stopper when flipped upside down.

BUY $90

Riedel Mamba Double Magnum Decanter


Don’t mess with the Mamba. Seriously! The Mamba Double Decanter is an investment piece, so treat it as such and pull it out for your fanciest get-togethers, or to impress a date. Released to commemorate Riedel’s 260th anniversary, the decanter holds 3-litres.

BUY $3,000

Wine Enthusiast Vivid Wine Decanter


You’ve gotta love a decanter with a wide base and pourer. The lightweight Vivid decanter is made using lead-free crystal and features clean lines for the classic man.

BUY $335

Fountain Aerating Wine Glasses


Decanting and aerating wine quicker than you can say ‘sauvignon’, Fountain wine goblets are ideal for those times when decanting a whole bottle is just too much. Plus, they double as whisky glasses. Place ice in the aerating cup and pour you whisky for a chilled but undiluted drop.

BUY $100

Riedel Decanter Black Tie


Riedel’s Black Tie decanter has some serious junk in the trunk. It’ the sexiest decanter on our list: take one look at the bulbous booty-shaped base and you’ll understand. Hand-made in Austria with 24% lead crystal, Black Tie is the decanter of choice for your next dinner party.   

BUY $269

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