Cool Bike Storage Ideas To Transform Your Man Cave

Home is where the bike is.

Straight, gay, bikesexual, whatever. It’s time to say farewell to communal bike racks because we’ve got the best bicycle storage ideas for your home, no matter the square footage.

Since we were tots, we’ve all loved our two-wheelers. As adults, we still love our bikes, but we don’t have any-bloody-where to store them in our homes or ever shrinking apartments and lofts.

In fact, a lack of storage space is often the defining factor when deciding to keep or ditch your bike, particularly if you don’t have either a garage or a shed.

If you simply can’t survive without your daily dose of cycling, and especially if you have more than one bike in the household, consider some of the following:

Add Flair With Bike Storage Furniture

Who needs a television anyway

The latest trend in multifunctional furniture is specially designed bike storage furniture. Perfect for renters who aren’t allowed to hammer a nail or install a hook, these generally come in the form of standalone shelving units with built-in slots or handing spots.

Keep It Simple With A Bike Stand

The affordable (and good looking) solution

Freestanding bike stands are affordable and ideal for people who don’t own their home. Some stands can house multiple bikes, but they will also come with a bulkier base to hold the load. Most bike stands can be folded up for storage when not in use, keeping clutter to a minimum.

We suggest checking out tension-based freestanding racks that stimulate tension between the floor and the ceiling to act as a standalone unit.

Get Crafty With A Wall-Mounted Bike Rack

High flying wheeler

Wall-mounted racks are great because they keep your precious cargo off the floor and out of the way. Simply screw the base to the wall, lift the flap, attach it to the front wheel of the bike, and viola, you’re done. Some racks will suspend the bike from its top bar, leaving the bike to sit in a neat horizontal position.

Pulley & Winch Storage System

Save your floorspace

If your floorspace is sparse, think vertical. A pulley and winch system can be attached to the ceiling or wall so your bike hangs in mid-air, or above your head, instead of on the ground. We particularly love this look for its industrial vibe and modern masculine aesthetic.

Wall Mounted Storage Hooks

Hook up with simplicity

Wall mounted hooks are a popular choice as they require little effort to set up. These hooks generally attach to the front wheel, leaving the back wheel to rest against the wall. Don’t skimp, and only choose heavy-duty bike storage hooks to bypass heartache later on. Our favourite? The Clug Roadie Bike Holders.

Gravity Racks

Look ma, no nails or screws

Gravity racks are handy little devices that lean against the wall – no nails or screws needed. Some gravity racks boast adjustable arms that will accommodate almost any bike frame. Soft rubber arms are best, as they won’t scratch or damage your bike/s.

Ground Anchors

Wall to wall or stay grounded

If you have no choice but to store your bike in the backyard or outside somewhere, think about buying a lockable ground anchor. Made using hardened steel and featuring a plastic shield, the Hiplok Airlok is our pick of the bunch.