Bill Skarsgard, Russell Westbrook & Ansel Elgort Are This Week's Best Dressed Men

A bit of stolen inspiration never hurt anyone.

Get your party pants on because that’s what this week’s best dressed men all got up to.

Bills Skarsgard is the man of the hour in this edition with the arrival of ‘IT’ twenty seven years after the first film. The creepy clown suit was traded up for a black suit with contrasting patterned – a style move which has elevated a normally muted look.

Following him up is NBA star Russell Westbrook who went all out in a three-piece midnight blue tux sans the tie – a very slick move from the NBA’s most valuable player of 2017.

Elsewhere on the style circuit Baby Driver star Ansel Elgort went down the adventurous route with a metallic satin print with tropical vibes whilst Cameron Dallas, Timothee Chalamet and Mark Strong all flew the suit flagin their own unique way.

Rounding things out nicely is Adam Selman who shows us how to do double denim right and Eric Rutherford who equally proves that camo is still a worthy addition to a man’s wardrobe.