Boeing First 787-10 Dreamliner For Singapore Airlines Is Next Level Air Travel

In front of a rock and roll band...

The final Dreamliner has arrived. Boeing celebrated the delivery of its newest, biggest 787 to Singapore Airlines’ South Carolina Factory on Sunday where, according to Eyewitness Newsthe occasion took place in front of a crowd of employees and airline officials—with rock and roll playing in the background.

Singapore Airlines plan to use the 787-10 for regional flights of up to 8 hours, such as to Osaka, Japan. CEO Goh Choon Phong, as reported by Stuff NZ, said:

“It is an honour for us to be the world’s first airline to take delivery of this amazing new aircraft”

This new version of the Dreamliner is basically a bigger version of the 787-9, measuring 18ft longer, and able to seat 330 passengers (compared to the 787-9’s 290 passengers). It is worth $326 million, and completes the 787 range, which began with the 787-8 in 2011. According to Eyewitness News, all three:

“Boast carbon-composite fabrication materials, fuel efficiency and new state-of-the-air filtration systems with higher levels of humidity in the air for long-distance flight”

Earlier today the jet touched down in Changi airport, having made its way from the US.

The new 787-10 currently accounts for 13% of orders for the range, however the 787-9 remains the most popular, competing predominantly with the European company Airbus’s new-gen carbon-composite A350—a jet of similar carrying capacity and range.

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