Bonza’s Aircraft Names Are Brazenly, Beautifully Bogan

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Bonza’s Aircraft Names Are Brazenly, Beautifully Bogan

Bonza welcomed its third aircraft ‘Sheila’ in December. But what are the names of the rest of its fleet?

In case you’ve been living under a rock, Australia now has a new budget airline. Bonza. Bonza boasts cheap tickets, fun vibes and bogan aesthetics (and aircraft names).

Bonza’s third aircraft ‘Sheila,’ for instance, arrived at Sunshine Coast Airport in December. Sheila’s arrival marked the completion of Bonza’s Sunshine Coast base’s initial fleet (which is comprised of three Boeing 737 Max gets). The first Bonza flight from their Sunshine Coast base took off on Tuesday the 31st of January.

The other two jets currently flying are named Shazza and Bazza. Shazza, a Boeing 737 Max 8, and the first plane Bonza received, arrived at the Sunshine Coast in August 2022, while Bazza (another Boeing 737-MAX) arrived in October 2022.

Bonza will also have more jets joining the family soon, this time in Melbourne. As Carly Povey, Chief Commercial Officer at Bonza, said in December: “Sheila completes our family of aircraft at Sunshine Coast Airport as we prepare to get wheels up from Bonza’s backyard on the Sunny Coast.”

“Our next two aircraft will be based at our second home, Melbourne Airport.”

Carly Povey

No official announcements have been made on the progress of these aircrafts’ journey to Melbourne, or names, but you can bet your bottom dollar it will be something beautifully bogan. To name the existing three Sunshine Coast based jets, Bonza put polls out on their Instagram Story. So keep your eye out on their social media to get involved in the naming of the next ones. Names that missed out last time were Bruce, Kimmy and Robbo.

Do we hear a “planey McPlane face” in the wings, anyone?