Brad Pitt Admits To Shamelessly Stealing Matt Damon’s Identity

"They'll figure it out later."

Brad Pitt Admits To Shamelessly Stealing Matt Damon’s Identity

As it turns out Brad Pitt is regularly mistaken for fellow actor Matt Damon. So, Pitt just fakes Damon’s signature.

You’d think everyone would be able to recognise Brad Pitt; the dude is one of the most famous actors on the planet. He’s starred in some truly iconic films – like Seven, Ocean’s Eleven and Fight Club – and has won multiple awards, including two Oscars.

And yet, apparently, some people regularly bump into Pitt and mistake him for Matt Damon. An old clip of Pitt has resurfaced online and the actor – who’s won People’s Sexiest Man Alive award twice – says people confuse him for Damon all the time.

Pitt also admitted that he doesn’t correct these fans and instead just signs autographs as Damon.

“I’ve actually signed autographs as Matt… They’ll figure it out later.”

Brad Pitt

The short clip has obviously been taken from an interview where Pitt along with Leonardo DiCaprio and Margot Robbie were promoting the 2019 film, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. And in the same clip, DiCaprio says he also gets mistaken for Damon.

“I get Matt Damon.”

Leonardo DiCaprio

DiCaprio obviously corrects people when they confuse him for Damon though, as he looked shocked (but also amused) when Pitt admitted to faking Damon’s signature; Robbie exclaimed “Really?!”

Just when you think Pitt couldn’t get any cooler, he admits to doing something as hilarious as this… And for those of you who have met Matt Damon and got his signature, maybe double-check that it wasn’t Pitt.

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