Stranger Things’ Brett Gelman Is A Surprisingly Stylish Motherf*cker

You wish you could dress this well.

Brett Gelman might have made a career out of playing dishevelled crackpots, sad sacks and arseholes but he might just be one of the best-dressed men in Hollywood.

The actually rather charming 45-year-old comedian, best known for playing oddball journalist-turned-private investigator Murray Bauman in Stranger Things and Phoebe Waller-Bridge’s villainous brother-in-law Martin in Fleabag, is 2022’s most unlikely style icon.

Gelman, who jokingly calls himself a ‘jaddy’ (i.e. a Jewish zaddy, and I’m not explaining ‘zaddy’), frequently steals the show on any red carpet he graces. His personal style, which is drenched in a sort of retro Americana, is very on-trend and is a great style inspiration for any other men who don’t look like Jacob Elordi.

Just take this look he rocked during a Stranger Things Q&A session. This is how you do smart casual, people: nice chambray suit, crisp white t-shirt, a tasteful amount of gold… The Rolling Stones socks are a great touch.

Image: Netflix

Gelman also wore what can be best described as the coolest green jacket ever made to the premiere of the new Downton Abbey movie in New York earlier this month.

You might not like it, but this is what peak male performance looks like.

Gelman’s rocking style just goes to show that just because you don’t fit into some idealised male archetype, you can still dress well and look absolutely killer.

Image: Getty

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